Nyfiken på… Jon Nash, seglingsfotograf

Jon Nash har senast jobbat med Hugo Boss (spana in bilden ovan), ABN Amro, Champagne Mumm, Pindar och Helly Hansen.

How did you start with sailing photography?
I was working as a photographer onboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean, It was good fun but paid very badly. I wanted to leave the ship and earn some money but my employer would not fly me home. I had no money so I jumped ship in Antigua and asked yacht owners to take me across the Atlantic back home to England. I photographed this journey and my pictures got published. It was the start my career and I have never looked back.

Which picture are you most satisfied with?
The helicopter shoot in the bay of Biscay of Alex Thomson and his Open 60 racer HUGO BOSS was an epic shoot. Alex pushed the boat hard in gale force conditions just for my camera. And the shoot produced some of the most iconic images of single handed open 60 racing. It was a great combination of a sailor working in harmony with both me and the helicopter pilot. All 3 elements worked perfectly together to produce the ultimate results. The yacht eventually sank in a solo around the world race in the southern Ocean.

Best regatta to shoot?
I always enjoyed the Kenwood cup in Hawaii. The conditions were usually very dependable. Consistent winds and consistent good light with great color seas and impressive back drops on the longer races. All those elements combined with a fun location for the all important post race entertainment make it one of my favorites. I wish the Americas cup could be held there.

Worst regatta to shoot?
The Americas cup current location makes it a huge challenge for non team photographers to get creative pictures. The conditions I have experienced there have always been very average. Flat seas and the industrial pollution in the back ground mean you have to shoot very tight shots and try different angles. If you are restricted to the official press boats it becomes very challenging to get any pictures that are different to everyone else’s on the boat. I really value the privilege of being a team photographer and getting access to different angles by being able to be onboard the race yachts and get unrestricted angles. You can get really creative when you have the backing and trust of the team.

Who inspires you?
Around the world Ocean sailors like Sir Robin Knox Johnson, Sir Chay blyth were my early inspiration. They inspired me to take on similar adventures on the oceans. Simon Le Bon’s Whitbred campaign in 1985 brought about the awareness of modern day yacht races for me and I longed to get involved with those powerful yachts when I saw them. I admire the adventurous spirits of all offshore ocean racers. They can make it look so easy but having been there myself I know exactly what it takes to do it well.

What gear do you usually use/favor?
All my equipment is Canon. The Eos 1ds II is my current body and I will update to the mark III when it becomes available don’t believe its any better or worse than Nikon its just what I’m used too. With lenses It depends what type of shoot im doing. If It’s onboard a boat it will be a wide angle lens like my 16-35mm f2.8. I love my 70-200mm for most shots but for working at regattas when you can’t get that close the 500mm f4 is my chosen weapon.

Any advise for those who want to become a better sailing photograph?
Practice practice practice. The key to getting the shot is being able to anticipate the shots and plan for them. So having a knowledge of the sport is very important.

How do you see sailing photography develop in the future?
The market place is a small one. There are more photographers than there is work at the moment which is a good thing for the clients and people viewing images because only the best images and best photographers will survive. Its pushing the top photographers to look for newer and more exciting angles.

Digital photography has made it more accessible and brought about more photographers but it does not make the creation of pictures any easier. Only the photographer with a creative eye and a passion for the sport can create the images which take your breath away.

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