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Man kan inte tro att det är kul att följa på ett helt race i en tracker. Men i den här klassen är det otroligt jämt och taktiska beslut får stora konsekvenser. Foto: Rolex/Carlo Borlenghi

Resultat efter 5 race:
1) Mascalzone Latino, ITA, Vincenzo Onorato, 2-2-7-12-1, 24
2) Alinghi, SUI, Ernesto Bertarelli, 18-5-4-2-5, 34
3) Nerone, ITA, Antonio Sodo Migliori & Massimo Mezzaroma, 3-6-1-11-18, 39
4) Barking Mad, USA, Jim Richardson, 7-16-5-1-10, 39
5) Infinity, USA, John Thomson, 24-1-10-6-7, 48
6) Sputnik, AUS, Ivan Wheen, 5-30-2-5-6, 48
7) Opus One, GER, Wolfgang Stolz, 4-3-6-16-28, 57
8) Calvi, ITA, Carlo Alberini, 1-9-14-30-14, 68
9) Ichi Ban, AUS, Matt Allen, 14-27-8-10-9, 68
10) Enfant Terrible, ITA, Gianluigi Serena, 10-10-13-20-15, 68

Foto: Rolex/Carlo Borlenghi

Foto: Rolex/Carlo Borlenghi

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    Peter Gustafsson Aug 31, 2007 Reply

    Det verkar gå hett till även på landbacken. Från Stuart Alexanders blog:

    By the way, there has already been an angry confrontation in the not so wonderful city of Copenhagen. It has been cold and miserable for the Farr 40 worlds, but some heat was injected from outside when Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi asked that the chairman of the jury, Tom Ehman, should step down. As Ehman is at the centre of the litigation by GGYC, at the behest of BMW Oracle’s Larry Ellison, Alinghi, as a competitor, felt there could be some conflict of interest.

    Ehman did not step down, doubtless because he thought that his four co-jurors would never allow themselves to be manipulated in what could be seen as vindictive behavour. But Bertarelli’s skipper, Brad Butterworth, is incensed and has written to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) with a formal complaint.

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