The Cat’s out of the Bag and Foiling

Rohan Veal ligger inte på latsidan. Jag är benägen att hålla med Magnus Wheatley (Rule 69 blog) när han skriver:

I reckon Rohan Veal will become one of the most important development sailors in world yachting over the next ten years. His reach is going to be far and wide, encompassing every discipline of the Grand Prix yachting scene. What he brings is practical sailing ability and nous – designers can only go so far but it’s the sailors that really add the difference and Rohan is miles ahead on the foiling front. Personally I reckon he’s the single most important person right now in sailing and thoroughly deserves to be ISAF’s World Sailor of the Year… the first award of many I’ll bet…


  1. Jocke_R Aug 31, 2007 Reply

    Kolla rodren! Det är tydligen lite mer sidkraft på en C-katamaran än en mothjolle. Undra hur länge det håller….

  2. Pelle P Aug 31, 2007 Reply

    Starka ord fr Magnus, men fan vet om han inte har rätt!!!!

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