Sunday Rule Quiz

UK-Halsey quiz #3: Four boats are sailing on a beat along a shoreline with an offshore breeze. In situation #1, both boats are approaching the shoreline on starboard tack. In situation #2, the boats are converging on opposite tacks with the port tack boat sailing close to and almost parallel to the shoreline.

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  1. A.Manskow Nov 30, 2008 Reply

    #1. ingen protest innvilgelse da rød båt gir grå plass til å slå for land
    #2. gul båt skal ta straff da den bryter styrbord/babord situasjon, land er ingen obstruksjon, gul båt skal i dette tilfellet falle bak grønn.

  2. Johan Dec 1, 2008 Reply

    Japp så skulle jag också bedöma det!

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