J/95 seglar

I torsdags sjösattes J/95 och Al Johnstone från J/Boats kommenterade;

We launched the new J/95 today and are excited at her potential. The boat performs great and both the twin rudder steering, and keel/centerboard system both work great! We were tacking through 90 degrees with the board up. With the board down things just got better and better. Attached are a preliminary sampling of images from the day.

We plan to sail her through this weekend and will have a more complete photo selection and some video footage available shortly.








  1. Clifford Mar 28, 2009 Reply

    Skitsnygg och inte alls för tung som många Blurare hävdar. Synd bara att den inte har en riktig köl.

  2. Erik B Mar 28, 2009 Reply

    Håller med om att den är snygg – men trist att ha ratt på en så fin båt. Är målgruppen nyfattiga finanslejon som tror att man måste ha ratt???

  3. Gubben Mar 29, 2009 Reply

    Citerad i Seilas – fint Peter…
    Inte första gången men varför inget om Essex Girl i Seilas??

  4. mikkel thommessen Mar 30, 2009 Reply

    Vi siterer gjerne BLUR som alltid er godt oppdatert på spennende nyheter. Men av og til går det for fort i svingene, også der, Så nyheten om Essex Girl fjernet vi da vi skjønte at kjøperne var danske og ikke norske :-)
    hilsen Mikkel Thommessen,

  5. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Mar 30, 2009 Reply

    Det är bara jag som förknippar allt bra med Norge :-)

    Apropå J/95 så finns nu fler bilder på http://www.jboats.com/j95/

    It didn’t take but 30 seconds into the first sail on the new J/95 for designer Rod Johnstone to call for the centerboard to be fully raised. Moments later, the boat was sailing upwind at about 6.5 knots in about 12 knots of wind. The boat then tacked and easily fetched inside 90 degrees on the opposite board, all while the helmsman enjoyed finger-tip response on the wheel. Let’s see – design a 31’ boat that draws as little as 3’ and then make sure it not only performs upwind, but is really fun to drive? Check off that box.

    Over the next four days, the praise for the J/95 kept pouring in from all who sailed her. Most could not believe how smooth the boat was to drive, or how much of a “big boat” feel the boat has for being only 31’. This is a lot of sailboat for the length and a boat that has to be sailed to be believed.

    Rod Johnstone – “the balance is perfect……I’m psyched, I’ve got to have one of these….my best design ever.”

    Al Johnstone – “fantastic — she’s the little big boat.”

    Ben Hall, Hall Spars – “I thought I was driving a 60 footer. She’s so stable — steering is really easy and precise.”

    Peter Nielsen, SAIL Editor-In-Chief – “How refreshing, something truly innovative and worthwhile to talk about.”

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