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I’m very pleased to announce the 18 competitors in our Yacht Design Challenge 2009. They’re ranging from small skiffs to 44′ cruisers and racers, from classical to futuristic and from quick sketches to professional sales material. And it’s great to see breadth of designers, young amateurs as well as established and well known yacht designers from all over the world; Denmark, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.

And now it’s time for you to decide which design that deserves to win. As you know, there’s no formal criteria for a sweet boat, but it’s about gut feeling and the desire to take that boat sailing. It’s possible to vote for several boats, and we’ll probably announce a few more prices along the way.

And please comment below. It would be great to hear your views on the designs and what you think of innovation in the marine industry in general.

Kelt Cognac Yacht Design Stranded Dream
Design #1 | Stranded Dream (more)

Design #2 | James 40 (more)

Design #3 | 11 meter cruiser/racer (more)

Design #4 | Vision X3M(more)

Design #5 | IRC 44 (more)

Design #6 | Exploraider (more)

vision9x3 coverpage.jpg
Design #7 | VISION 9×3 (more)

Design #8 | The Nightboat (more)

Design #9 | X-treme 30 (more)

Design #10 | Enigma 44 (more)

projekt 013.jpg
Design #11 | Skiff 16 (more)

Design #12 | CS38 (more)

Design #13 | VC10 (more)

Design #14 | 34+ Match Racer (more)

Design #15 | Sporty catamaran (more)

Design #16 | 6.5 meter skiff (more)

Design #17 | Pring 9.75 (more)

Design #18 | Bertone 40 (more)

First price, the exclusive Kelt Tour du monde X.O Grande Champagne Cognac.


  1. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Apr 2, 2009 Reply suspect it’s a April fools joke?

  2. Hasse B/ Apr 2, 2009 Reply

    ha, nej det var det som var grejjen – att det INTE var ett aprilskämt.
    “Den som söker skall finna” däremot två andra bra aprilskämt.
    Keep your good work up, Peter!

  3. Greg Hiller Apr 3, 2009 Reply

    #8 winns my hart

  4. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Apr 15, 2009 Reply

    Over 1000 votes so far. Not bad! But the poll is open until april 30.

    If you get errors on this page, please try

  5. jAVIER GALAN Apr 30, 2009 Reply

    Number 13

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