Transat 6.50 | Thomas Ruyant

Vinnaren av årets Transat, Thomas Ruyant, handstyrde så ofta det bara gick:

I talked every day to my boat. I know her qualities and imperfections. She answered to all my expectations. I really took risks in the Doldrums. I was constantly at the helm saying, after there you will beat and you will rest. I really did not let go. I sometimes used my spinnaker even when I met with a squall. At this point I have gradually widened the gap. Then I made the crossing at top speed by helming almost all the time.

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  1. mattias allroth Oct 26, 2009 Reply

    Ser fan ut som han flyger fram i 15 knop eller nåt sånt hela tiden !
    Sweeet !

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