Att plocka ner spinnakern på en J Class

5 minute drill for a spinnaker take-down on a J Boat off of Newport Rhode Island this fall. Wind was 15-20knots from SW. Boatspeed was 12.5knots. Rain squalls threatened and spit but never drenched us. Temperature was 62 F. Dolphins danced off our bows briefly (not in this video).

We were practicing maneuvers and testing sails onboard the J Class Yacht. Several new sails had been delivered and most of the crew was involved in making sure they fit properly and that the boat was set up properly to handle them.

J Class Yachts were sailed before World War Two but have seen a resurgence as expressions of the beauty of sail. That said they are huge and must be handled carefully witness the way the bowman is whipped around like a rag doll when he release the A2 spinnaker tack.