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  1. Stefan Blom Dec 29, 2009 Reply

    Trevligt att vakna upp till bilder på både SVT1 och webbtv. Man kan inget annat än att längta tills vi får i våra egna båtar igen.
    Men både webbtv och SVT säger att Alfa Romeo är vinnaren. Det känns som detta har diskuterats innan om medias syn på seglingen och problematiken med förståelsen hos vanliga Svenssons kring mätreglerna…eller? ;-)

    För det är väl inte så att Alfa Romeo tog LH samt totalen…? Inte ens jag har koll ;-)

    // Stefan Blom

  2. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Dec 29, 2009 Reply

    Totalen på IRC, ORCi och PHS är fortfarande öppen. Just nu ser 40-fotarna (en First 40 och en X-41) hetast ut men mycket beror på vädret som fortsätter att vara nyckfullt…

    Eller som man säger från officiellt håll:

    Who will win? Who knows?

  3. Dynominer Dec 29, 2009 Reply

    Just in – Niklas Zennströms RAN tog IRC grupp 1 i Sydney Hobart! Det går bra nu..

  4. kurt Dec 29, 2009 Reply

    Det verkar vara klart nu. Ran tog det! Grattis till Niklas med besättning

  5. mattias allroth Dec 29, 2009 Reply

    RAN ligger enligt resultaten 4:a ännu i IRC klassen.

    Det är några före som dock inte har gått i mål än men gör dom det på den tiden man tror så slår dom ran.
    Checka länken

  6. Sam V Dec 30, 2009 Reply

    Två 40.7:or och en X41:a?! Dags att införa banbegränsning?

  7. Ragnar Wisløff Dec 30, 2009 Reply

    Det ser ut til at First 40 har tatt de to første plassene i IRC uansett divisjon. I Div 4 er det tre First 40 på topp.

  8. Ragnar Wisløff Dec 30, 2009 Reply

    Hmmm, litt raskt å trekke konklusjon rundt midnatt skandinavisk tid, 40-41-foterne har noen mil igjen.

  9. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Dec 30, 2009 Reply


    December 30, 2009

    The smaller boats at the back of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, after surviving frustrating light air and calms off the southeastern coast of New South Wales, are blowing home fast today.

    A light but steady nor’easter in Hobart this morning, has been giving the yachts finishing a comfortable one-leg day over the last 11 nautical miles of the course up the Derwent River.

    The Bureau of Meteorology forecast for the lower east coast of Tasmania has a light east-northeast breeze this morning tending northeast-north during the morning and increasing to reach 20-30 knots by this evening.

    But the winner of the race’s most prized trophy, the Tattersall’s Cup for the first boat on IRC overall corrected, may still be in doubt after the finish.

    At 1200, Andrew Saies’ Beneteau First 40 Too True, from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, was leading the IRC corrected time calculations from another First 40, Wicked (Mike Welsh) from Sandringham YC.

    Seventh was the British Judel/Vrolijk 72 Ran (Niklas Zennstrom), moored since finishing yesterday, at the Kings Pier Marina.

    Two True was 7.6nm from the finish doing 7 knots, looking set to cross over two hours inside the time needed to win.

    But, after finishing she still has to survive a protest lodged against her by the Inglis 39 She’s the Culprit (Todd Leary) over an incident soon after the start in Sydney Harbour. She’s the Culprit, holed in a collision had to retire immediately.

    The weather pattern, with its heavy mix of calms and light air before the northerly flow bringing the small boats home fast, has not suited the 50-72 footers that were most fancied in pre-race predictions.

    Aboard one of smaller boats in this group, the Corby 49 Audi Centre Melbourne (formerly Flirt), was Roger Hickman who has sailed in 33 Hobart races, twice aboard Tattersall’s Cup winners.

    Hickman described how the mid-fleet boats were finally slowed by the southerly change, the final nail in the coffin for their overall handicap chances. “We were off Schouten Island, (102nm) from the finish, when it went hard south with a good 28-30 knots of breeze for four or five hours. Then it lightened up, but it got very bumpy off Maria Island.

    “It was a tough night, cold but within the realms of acceptability. It went straight south so we had to tack into Maria, tack out, and back into Eaglehawk Neck and chipped our way up to Tasman.

    “Half an hour before we got to Tasman the wind went a bit left. We just got to Tasman and then it was just soft, five knots, six knots, and then halfway across Storm Bay this little north-easterly came in, which I guess was the saving grace because we could well still be out there for another couple of hours.”

    The after-race beers with crew mates on the dock this morning evoked sad memories for Hickman … of his partner and crewmate Sally Gordon who, along with the yacht’s skipper Andrew Short, died in the wreck of Short’s Shockwave on Flinders Islet during a Cruising Yacht Club of Australia overnight coastal race in October.

    “This is my 33rd Sydney Hobart; the first one in 15 years without my mate Sal,” he said. “And it’s a piss-off because you get so used to relying on people. It’s all about the camaraderie. It’s not which Hobart you do; it’s whom you do it with. And you make some wonderful, wonderful friends.”

    With 35 yachts finished, and five yachts retired, there are 60 yachts still racing to the finish in Hobart.

    The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has entries representing the USA, UK, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, and New Caledonia as well as every Australian state.

  10. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Dec 30, 2009 Reply


    December 30, 2009

    The smallest boat in the fleet, Zephyr Hamilton Elevators, was as of this evening, still well in the running to win the IRC overall handicap division of the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race.

    Zephyr is a Sea Nymph 33 co-owned by James Connell and Alex Braddon from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. She won division E in the 2007 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race.

    The Sea Nymph 33 design is extremely fast downwind and is well-suited to the strong northerly wind prevailing on the lower Tasmanian east coast, forecast to reach 20-30 knots by evening.

    The final 40 nautical miles of the 628nm course, with the northerly forecast to blow at 15-25 knots with gusts to 30 knots, which will put Zephyr on the wind, and will certainly slow and may end her chances of winning the Tattersall’s Cup for IRC overall handicap.

    At 1550, Zephyr had 46 miles to go, and was doing 9.7 knots for an estimated finish at 2311, well inside the time she needed to take first place (0131 on Dec 31).

    Second and third on corrected time standings were two of Beneteau’s new First 40s, which have already finished: Two True (Andrew Saies) from the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia and Wicked (Mike Welsh) from Sandringham Yacht Club.

    The Farr-designed First 40 is a replacement for the successful Beneteau 40.7. A Beneteau 40.7, First National Real Estate skippered by Michael Spies, was the overall handicap winner of the 2003 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race.

    Two True, in second spot, still has to face a protest by the Tasmanian Inglis 39, She’s the Culprit (Todd Leary), which was badly damaged after the race start in a jam of boats converging on the first rounding mark at Sydney Heads and had to retire.

    With some of the boats named in the protest documents still racing, the International Jury has deferred the protest until tomorrow morning (Dec 31).

    Zephyr has also signaled by radio to the race committee that she will lodge protests against three boats, without specifying who they are, after finishing. That protest could also arise from the crush of boats in the 100-boat fleet converging to leave Sydney Harbour.

    Two True and Wicked finished fast under spinnakers before a moderate southeasterly sea breeze early this afternoon, with Two True crossing 22 minutes ahead of Wicked.

    Saies said: “It was a very difficult and frustrating race. Having had a couple of light patches on the way down, we thought we were through it and then we got a third one, 25 miles from Tasman Light last night; around 3:00am we were flapping around for three hours.”

    Tactician Brett Young said Two True had followed a strategy of always being well east of the rhumbline and had received a favourable push from the current in two major eddies.

    “Our routing was always east of the rhumbline,” said Young. “It’s the first time I’ve ever done that. And we had really good competition from Wicked. They sailed hard, but we got through them. We really stuck to our game plan, even with the weather not being anything like what it was originally forecast. We only came into Tasmania when we could lay Tasman Island.”

    Young said the First 40 had performed well in the bumpy seaway following the southerly front. “Last night was a tough night, but that’s when this boat comes into its own. In a seaway, it just goes faster.”

    Mark Welsh, boat manager and tactician on Wicked for his owner-skipper father Mike Welsh, said: “We chose the design after a lot of searching around the world for one that would be very competitive in IRC racing and it looks like we might have chosen successfully.”

    A third new First 40 was racing, Paca (Philippe Mengual) from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. “So our race really depended on watching the other two boats, said Mark. “All credit to Two True, they sailed an absolutely sensational race.

    “On the second night out, even though we were with them off Gabo Island, we couldn’t hold them. They sailed very, very well that night, got through us and from there we were just playing catch-up and we couldn’t catch them. They did a great job.”

    The only IRC division decided, with all boats finished, is Division 0 for canting-keeled boats. The line honours winner Alfa Romeo (Neville Crichton), a Reichel Pugh100, won from the Cookson 50 Evolution Racing (Ray Roberts), with the modified Jones Volvo 70 Ichi Ban (Matt Allen) third.

    With 48 yachts finished, and five yachts retired, there are 47 yachts still racing to the finish in Hobart.

    The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has entries representing the USA, UK, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, and New Caledonia as well as every Australian state.

  11. Ragnar Wisløff Dec 30, 2009 Reply

    Sluttspillet kan bli mer spennende enn hva Zephyr setter pris på. Rett før middagstid norsk tid ligger de 26 nmil fra mål, men det ser ut til at vinden er nordvest (som er kursen mot mål, sånn omtrent). Og det er åpenbart er stillebelte før mål, båtene foran gjør nesten ikke fart. Seks timer igjen til de må være i mål, antar de ser på klokka rimelig ofte, og regner på gjennomsnittsfarten de må holde for resten av distansen for å rekke i mål innen tiden går ut for å vinne. Man føler med dem!

  12. kurt Dec 30, 2009 Reply

    Får förtydliga gällande Ran :) IRC div 1 När det gäller den här typen av segling så brukar ju gummibandet med bleke o vind, med o mot, osv göra det mycket chansartat. Det är ju en del av tjusningen.

  13. Nobbe Dec 30, 2009 Reply

    Att utse en totalvinnare på en sån här segling är väl mer en kul grej, men lite synd att alla arrangörer faller för den frestelsen. RAN vann klassen och följde upp sin vinst i Fastnet, imponerande liksom att 3 båtar i topp 5 är Judel/Vrolijk konstruktioner :-)

  14. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Dec 31, 2009 Reply

    Nu skall protesterna vara klara…

    1 Two True, First 40, 1.085
    2 Wicked, First 40, 1.088 (ej ORCi)
    3 Next, Sydney 38, 1.099 (ej ORCi)
    4 Swish, Sydney 38, 1.104
    5 Patrice Six, X-41, 1.119
    6 Ran, J/V 72, 1.560 (ej ORCi)
    7 Zephyr Hamilton Elevators, Farr 1020, 0.958 (ej ORCi)
    8 Charisma, S&S 57, 1.118
    9 Imagination, First 47.7, 1.123 (ej ORCi)
    10 Tow Truck, Ker 11.3, 1.150 (ej ORCi)

    Och så klart blev det mycket rättvisare i ORCi :-)
    1 Two True, Firts 40, 1.0469
    2 Swish, Sydney 38, 1.0478
    3 Patrice Six, X-41, 1.0688
    4 AFR Midnight Rambler, Farr 40, 1.1065
    5 Pinta – M, S&S 41, 0.8881
    6 Charisma, S&S 57, 1.0795


    December 31, 2009

    Andy Saies’ Two True survived a protest this afternoon to be confirmed as overall winner of the Tattersall’s Cup, the major prize in the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race for the overall IRC handicap winner.

    After a two-hour hearing, the International Jury dismissed the protest entered by the Inglis 39 She’s the Culprit (Todd Leary), the Hobart yacht damaged in a crush of boats approaching the first rounding mark after the race start on Sydney Harbour.

    Two True, one of the first new Farr-designed Beneteau First 40 stock production racer/cruiser to be imported into Australia, won IRC overall by 42 minutes from another new First 40, (Mike Welsh) after a close race-long duel in which they followed a similar strategy – stay well east of the rhumbline.

    Ian Mason’s Sydney 38 Next, in third place, another 1hr 19min behind, was similarly pushed by close competition in the six-boat Sydney 38 fleet racing one-design, as well as on IRC handicap. Another Sydney 38, Swish (Steven Proud) from the strong Sydney fleet, was fourth and Tony Kirby’s Jeppersen X-41 Patrice Six, fifth.

    In sixth place was the 2009 Rolex Fastnet Race winner Ran (Niklas Zennstrom), from the UK.

    Two True, from the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, is the first yacht from South Australia to win the Tattersall’s Cup since Kevan Pearce’s win with SAP Ausmaid in 2000. The South Australians continue to be strongly committed to the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, sailing 1000 nautical miles just to get to the start.

    Owner-skipper Saies said he was absolutely elated at the win after being in the surreal situation of not knowing the outcome until after the protest hearing. “Obviously we are very happy with the jury’s decision. We believe we did everything in the circumstances to avoid significant damage to the other boat. We gave our intention to protest, we did a 720 (degree penalty turn), though the damage to the other boat was minor and superficial.”

    “I respect the decision of the skipper of She’s the Culprit not to continue racing in those circumstances, but obviously we are very happy and delighted with the outcome.”

    He thanked his crew, which raced the two prior Sydney Hobart Races on his previous boat True North, a Beneteau First 40. “The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race cannot be won without a great team, a great boat and an ounce of Sydney Hobart luck. Our team are fabulous guys. We have worked together for the past three years on my previous boat True North.” Saies particularly thanked Brett Young, his team and boat manager. “Energetic, tireless work ethic, great understanding of the rules.”

    He said the race was a physical endurance event over 628 miles. “The wind was in, the wind was out, we drifted, we went backwards, we lost internet access, we didn’t know what was going on until the last few minutes. It was a classic Rolex Sydney Hobart event and we were in it up to our back teeth and it came our way in the end.

    “Great boat, this new Beneteau it just jumps out of the water, jumped a bit too hard in the last day or so in those big short waves. It’s a fast boat, we had belief that this boat was going to rate well and do okay in this event, if the weather conditions allowed a small boat event.

    “We may be privileged enough to have a boat and a team that gets to this position as people have in the past. But in yacht racing to have everything going right in one event at the right time is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    “So it meant so much to get this right this time. So celebrations, back to normal, business as usual, great boat, great team looking forward to the next regatta in Melbourne, the next Sydney Hobart.”

    The last boat to finish, Chris Dawe’s Polaris of Belmont (AUS/NSW) was due to cross the finish line at 0830pm tonight.

    The 100-boat fleet that started the 65th Rolex Sydney Hobart had crews representing the USA, UK, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, and New Caledonia, as well as every Australian state.


    IRC overall: 1, Two True (Andy Saies, SA), Beneteau First 40, corrected time 04 days 07hr 57min 43sec; 2, Wicked (Mike Welsh, Vic), Beneteau First 40, 04:08:39:08; 3, Next (Ian Mason, NSW), MBD Sydney 38, 04:09:48:54.

    IRC 0: 1, Alfa Romeo (Neville Crichton, NZ), Reichel Pugh 100, corrected time 04 days, 12hr, 11min, 51sec; 2, Evolution Racing (Ray Roberts, NSW), Farr Cookson 50, 04:14:32:46; 3, Ichi Ban (Matt Allen, NSW), Jones Volvo 70, 04:16:27:22.

    IRC 1: 1, Ran (Niklas Zennstrom, UK), Judel/Vrolijk 72, 04:10:48:21; 2, Shogun (Rob Hanna, Vic), J/V 52, 04:13:09:50; 3, Ragamuffin (Syd Fischer, NSW), Farr TP52, 04:15:18:43.

    IRC 2: 1, Tow Truck (Anthony Paterson, NSW), Ker 11.3, 04:11:16:18; 2, AFR Midnight Rambler (Ed Psaltis/Bob Thomas), modified Farr 40, 04:11:26:24; 3, Chutzpah (Bruce Taylor, Vic), Reichel/Pugh IRC 40, 04:14:06:32.

    IRC 3: 1, Next Ian Mason, NSW), 04:09:48:54; 2, Swish (Steven Proud, NSW), 04:10:17:42; 3, Patrice Six (Tony Kirby) Jeppersen X-41, 04:10:24:32.

    Sydney 38 One Design: 1, Swish, 04:00:16:54; 2, Next, 04:00:16:59; 3, Subzero Goat (Bruce Foye, NSW), 04:06:37:59.

    ORCi (ORC International): 1, Two True (Andrew Saies, SA), Beneteau First 40, 04:07:57:43; 2, Wicked (Mike Welsh, Vic), Beneteau First 40, 04:08:39:08; 3, Zephyr Hamilton Elevators (James Connell/Alex Brandon, NSW), Farr 1020, 04:10:52:17.

    Performance handicap:

    PHS 1: 1, Wasabi (Bruce McKay, NSW), Sayer 12m, 04:19:02:33; 2, Sailors with disAbilities (David Pescud, NSW), Lyons 54, 04:21:26:15; 3, Mahligai (Murray Owen/Jenny Kings, New Zealand), Sydney 46, 04:21:26:15.

    PHS 2: 1, She (Peter Rodgers, NSW), Olsen 40; 2, Flying Fish Arctos (A.Fairclough, NSW), McIntyre 55, 04:13:41:02; 3, Namadgi (Canberra Ocean Racing Club, ACT), Bavaria 44, 04:16:12:30.

  15. Ragnar Wisløff Dec 31, 2009 Reply

    Trivelig med to First 40 på toppen, vi får håpe lillebror 35 har samme potensiale :-)

    Noen som vet hvordan de håndterer klasseinndeling i denne seilasen? De samme båtene går igjen både i IRC og ORCi.

    • Torgeir Dec 31, 2009 Reply

      lillebror 35 har minst det samme potensialet, det bare opp til deg og mannskapet ditt – seierspallen er reservert !

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