Journeyman 60 | extreme express cruiser

En cool video från bygget av Journeyman 60 (faktablad). Lite olika människor har pratat om att något var i görningen. Skall bli spännande att följa Jesper framöver,.

The Journeyman 60 yacht is designed by Jesper Weissglas. Every solution, every detail and every choice of materials is based on experience from over 30 000 nautical miles of adventure charter sailing in rough conditions, including the Across Greenland expedition with renowned Swedish adventurer Ola Skinnarmo.

Journeyman is the result of over 5 years of design work. Jesper is living his dream and his vision, but he has also had to deal with harsh economic realities and numbing obstacles – often no bigger than a single aluminium bolt. The process has involved some of Sweden’s sharpest minds on aeronautical and structural design – mostly without any other reward but the thrill of being part of a project beyond the ordinary. The underwater hull is based on research by Gabriel Heyman, and the appendages are designed in cooperation with Jens Österlund.

The yacht is now under construction in Estonia. The experienced team at the Alunaut Shipyard on Saaremaa – accustomed to building performance workboats – are putting their skills and their raw enthusiasm into building Sweden’s first “extreme express cruiser”.