Sweet… JP54

När Jean-Pierre Dick, känd IMOCA 60-seglare, får ta fram sin drömbåt så blir det ingen vanlig cruiser. Det blir full fart och roterande inredning i nya JP54.



Hull length: 16.45 meters
Overall length: 18.235 meters
Beam: 5.3 meters
Air draft: 25.10 meters
Draft: 3.5 meters (2.5 m with the keel canted)
Displacement: 9 tons
Engine: Steyr Motor MO54 Hybrid (sail drive)
Diesel engine: 55 hp
Electric propulsion mode: 7 kw
Sail area upwind: 216 m2
Sail area downwind: 434 m2
Architect: Guillaume Verdier
Interior designer: Stéphanie Marin
Concept: Jean-Pierre Dick
Builder: Absolute Dreamer


A first in yachting: the carrousel!
The swing keel and the turning live cell gives great power to the boat. Racers are well aware that any weight to windward can provide additional speed and this basic principle has been incorporated intelligently in the design:

  • The heavy parts of the rotating living space (chart table, galley, batteries, and hydraulics) can be canted to starboard or port using 2 rams under a central panel, similar to my living space on Paprec Virbac 2.
  • The 3 tonne bulb is transferred with just one finger using a hydraulic ram reminiscent of those that have already proved their worth in gnarly conditions.
  • This power also results in good seakeeping, because the boat is less likely to heel.


The geometry of the mast provides maximum safety without the need to manage runners during manoeuvres. These allow you to tighten the forestays close hauled and abeam resulting in high-performance and therefore avoid needless stress on board. When sailing close hauled, there is a sail for each type of weather: staysail (20 kn and more) solent (10 to 20 kn) and genoa (0 to 10 kn); downwind, gennaker or spinnaker! The power is always there, but, more important, so is the control.
Result: the JP 54 can be manoeuvred with a limited crew of 2 sailors.”

The inventory of the boat includes a full set of carbon / Technora / Dyneema North Sails.

  • Mainsail: 114m2
  • Solent: 68m2
  • Staysail: 31m2
  • Genoa : 102m2
  • Gennaker:185m2
  • Spinnaker (optional): 320m2


Surfing at over 20 knots!
You appreciate it when the boat surfs, when she slips gently over the back of the waves and catches up with the previous one, you feel her take off and quiver with the elements. “I first discovered thrills such as these during my Round the World voyages and I’m rediscovering them now aboard the JP54. I relish heading off on a cruise as I enjoy sailing and relish the comfort of a cruising boat”.

Lightness is essential to the success of the concept and has guided our thought processes. Lightness really is the critical element, because the lighter and more powerful you are, the faster the boat will go! It’s magic. This need for lightness dictated the use of carbon for the hull, deck, mast bulkhead, mast, boom and sails, as well as some of the options chosen:

  • A single large heads on board
  • Absence of linings
  • Use of a watermaker as the principal source of water on board.
  • A simple deck layout with 3 winches

All our seafaring and racing experience has been incorporated in this design and each kilo on board has been analysed to ensure only critical weight is added. Guillaume Verdier has used higher safety margins than those on the current IMOCA yachts as a guarantee of security.
The consequence of these design processes are there for all to see: 9 t displacement and 3 t bulb, an incredible ratio on a cruising yacht.





Discovering new horizons
The JP54 is fast, light and designed for long haul navigation, enabling you to rapidly get to your destination in complete safety as well as discover new ones. As such you will be able to satisfy your desire to get away from it all.

Gearing up for a successful cruise
The anchor is on its windlass. The sun awning is integrated in the boom and the motorised tender is accessible in an instant! The aim is to be able to anchor or weigh anchor and power away in less than 10 minutes flat, double-handed!

You can also reduce draught when anchoring with 3.5 m at sea for high-performance and 2.5 m near the coast. By canting the keel 50 degrees to port and positioning the living pod to starboard, the boat becomes level again. This is wonderful for entering shallow creeks and harbours and is a symbol of how smart technology can be used in cruising!

Listening to the wind and the seabirds
Thanks to the hybrid propulsion, we can approach an anchorage or harbour silently, safe in the knowledge that she will handle superbly! As such reaching your destination is always a special moment.

Fast & Comfortable: no need to compromise with the JP54!
The JP54 gives you a novel experience enabling you to reconcile the pleasures of sailing aboard an extremely high performance and innovative boat, whilst benefiting from her ease of handling and her unique design. 
There is no compromise to be made between speed, comfort and the pleasure of sailing; the JP54 brings together all these elements to satisfy your desire to get away from it all. As such you’ll be able to fully benefit from new horizons and the thrills of speed, amidst the sounds of the wind, the sea and the birds… Revel in the indescribable freedom and pleasures synonymous with sailing, and share these unforgettable moments with family or friends.

Ease of sailing
“The experience of sailing single-handed has enabled us to design a boat which is really easy to use.” JP Dick
The uncluttered deck layout of the JP54 facilitates movement around the boat, both whilst under sail and at anchor. Virtually all the manœuvres can be performed from the cockpit, protected from the waves. Indeed, the hydraulic Harken Racing winches ensure that manoeuvring is no longer a heavy physical activity and as such it is possible to make sail changes in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy the comfort of a saloon below deck
The JP54 is a comfortable boat, which is both uncluttered and spacious, with clean lines and a unique design. Integrated into the living space the galley pivots in order to transfer the weight to windward in a matter of seconds. This innovation enables the performance of the JP54 to be optimised, whilst benefiting from an original and comfortable galley, equipped with numerous clever stowage facilities. This ensures that cooking is effortless even to windward.

A real haven of peace, the JP54 is ideal for sailing with your family, A subtle blend of conviviality and intimacy, the JP54 gives you the chance to share some exceptional moments in the harmonious shared spaces in the saloon, the galley and the living area. Furthermore, for quieter moments there is the luxury of private cabins.

The pleasure of speed, the discovery of new horizons and the comfort on the water, make the JP54 a unique fast cruiser.