Rolex Commodores’ Cup Teams

Racing commences on Sunday, 15 August, with the first race scheduled for 10.30AM and, as one would expect, there has been no shortage of activity since close of challenges for the 10th biennial Rolex Commodores’ Cup.

Whilst the single team nations, Ireland, South Africa and Hong Kong, set out their stall early, identifying boats and team members, the multi-team nations, United Kingdom and France have faced more complex decision-making in defining the composition of their various line-ups.

Ten teams, comprising a total of thirty yachts spread over five nations, will be on the start line all fired up in anticipation of a highly competitive event. Teams are made up of three boats, one in each of three precise rating bands. The full National team listings are available on line at and, and, here are some highlights:

Class 1
Highest Rating: GBR2045R Alice II Simon Henning (GBR White) Farr 45 – Rating: 1.226
Lowest Ratings: GBR851R Cracklin’ Rosie Brian Wilkinson (GBR Black) Corby 40 – Rating: 1.110
FRA36777 Codiam N. Loday & C. Nicoleau (FRA Blue) Grand Soleil 43 – Rating: 1.110
Largest Yacht: GBR2045R Alice II Simon Henning (GBR White) Farr 45 – 13.8m
Smallest Yachts: FRA35439 Inis Mor Laurent Gouy (FRA Yellow) Ker 39 – 11.8m
IRL3939 Antix Anthony O’Leary (IRL) Ker 39 – 11.8m

Class 2
Highest Rating: HKG2097 Blondie IV Anthony Day (HKG) King 40 – Rating: 1.119
Lowest Rating: GBR42N La Reponse A McIrvine & P Morton (GBR White) First 40 – Rating: 1.085
Largest Yachts: GBR2215L Quokka 8 Peter Rutter (GBR Red) Grand Soleil 43 – 13.25m
GBR2643R Artemis Paul Turner (GBR Black) Grand Soleil 43 – 13.25m
Smallest Yacht: IRL39000 David Dwyer (IRL) Mills 39 – 11.88m

Class 3
Highest Rating: GBR8410R Premier Flair Jim MacGregor (GBR Red) Elan 410 – Rating 1.074
Lowest Ratings: FRA21706 RealAx François Blossier (FRA Red) A35 – Rating: 1.030
GBR8809R Inspara David Hudson (RSA) J-109 – Rating: 1.030
Largest Yacht: GBR8410R Premier Flair Jim MacGregor (GBR Red) Elan 410 – 12.27m
Smallest Yachts: FRA34634 Prime Time M Alperovitch/J Huillard (FRA Yellow) A 35 – 10.59m
FRA21706 RealAx François Blossier (FRA Red) A35 – 10.59m
FRA37311 Gaia Bernard Moureau (FRA White) JND35 – 10.59m

The Rating Bands:
Class 1 1.110 – 1.230 DLR not exceeding 200
Class 2 1.075 – 1.119 DLR not exceeding 200
Class 3 1.025 – 1.074 DLR not exceeding 215
DLR = Displacement Length Ratio

In the battle of the designers, Mark Mills comes out on top with six of his designs participating.

The ten challenges lodged for the 2010 is the smallest fleet size since 2000 when seven teams contested the trophy.

The USA has won the event twice (1992 & 94), GBR twice (2004 & 2008), France twice (2002 & 2006), Germany once (1998), the Channel Islands once (2000) and England once (1998).

Hong Kong has competed twice before in 1992 and 2008. South Africa is competing for the first time. France has competed in every event since 2000.

Full details of the teams comprising these Challenges have been posted to and

Team: France Yellow
1 FRA35439 Inis Mor Ker 39 1.118 Laurent Gouy
2 FRA122 Pen Azen J 122 1.088 Philippe Delaporte
3 FRA34634 Prime Time A 35 1.034 M Alperovitch & J Huillard

Team: France Blue
1 FRA36777 Codiam Grand Soleil 43 1.110 N Loday & J C Nicoleau
2 FRA36689 Coup de Couer First 40 1.086 M de Saint Denis & G Trentesaux
3 FRA27700 Goa X 40 1.053 Samuel Prietz

Team: France White
1 FRA27967 Jivaro J 133 1.113 Yves Grosjean
2 FRA35950 Nutmeg J 122 1.089 François Lognone
3 FRA37311 Gaia JND 35 1.065 Bernard Moureau

Team: France Red
1 FRA34649 Finisterre Capital X 41 1.112 Patrick Baune
2 FRA36743 Jean Charl’ A 40 RC 1.086 Jean-Marie Lessard
3 FRA21706 RealAx A 35 1.030 François Blossier

Team: GBR Red
1 USA52915 White Heat Summit 40 1.125 Michael Williamson
2 GBR2215L Quokka 8 Grand Soleil 43 1.103 Peter Rutter
3 GBR8410R Premier Flair Elan 410 1.074 Jim Macgregor

Team: GBR White
1 GBR2045R Alice II Farr 45 1.226 Simon Henning
2 GBR42N La Réponse First 40 1.085 Andrew McIrvine & Peter Morton
3 GBR1352R No Chance First 35 1.032 Chris and Hannah Neve

Team: GBR Black
1 GBR851R Cracklin Rosie Corby 40 1.110 Brian Wilkinson
2 GBR2643R Artemis Grand Soleil 43 1.087 Paul Turner
3 GBR8407R Encore First 40.7 1.063 Steven Anderson

Team: Hong Kong
1 HKG2282 EFG Bank Mandrake Mills 40 1.145 N Burns & F Kinmonth
2 HKG2097 Blondie IV King 40 1.119 Anthony Day
3 GER6333 Rockall III Corby 36 1.071 Christopher Opielok

Team: Ireland
1 IRL3939 Antix Ker 39 1.126 Anthony O’Leary
2 IRL39000 Mills 39 1.112 David Dwyer
3 IRL36000 Roxy 6 Corby 36 1.073 Robert Davies

Team: South Africa
1 SA3737 Windpower Landmark 43 1.164 Phil Gutsche
2 GBR5940R Tokoloshe King 40 1.119 Mike Bartholomew
3 GBR8809R Inspara J 109 1.030 Rick Garratt & Dave Hudson

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  1. Peter B Aug 11, 2010 Reply

    Hong Kong har ett grymmt starkt team i år. Tyvärr var jag tvungen att tacka nej på grund av andra åtagande, men jag kommer gärna dit nästa gång och förhoppningsvis försvarar titeln!

    De har tränat en hel del och fått tag i tre riktigt optimerade IRC båtar. Synd inte fler länder är där, men det brukar vara hög nivå så det blir nog tight racing.

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