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I get mail from people who want to crew on a yacht in ÅF Offehore Race as well as skippers seeking crew.

There’s the official KSSS “Gastbanken” as well as the Facebook Group “gastbanken”, but don’t hesitate to post a comment below. Usually we’re able to match yachts and crew pretty rapidly (known as “the Blur Effect”). Don’t forget to post mail and/or phone.


  1. Gan Jun 29, 2011 Reply

    Hi, I am looking for a crew position on a boat for Gotland Rund.
    Have ocean crossing experience,
    I am willing to pay, share costs,
    please call me on 0735 190446

  2. CB Jun 29, 2011 Reply

    I sailed 15 Round Gotland Races in a row but now it looks like I might be missing out of #16… Will race on anything that float and have a top 5 potential :) Would be a pity to break my straight line of races. Swedish, but writes in english if there is any non Swedish boats looking here for crew.

    My original plan was to take my Farr 30 “Forum ILS” to start but a crash in the last start of the Europeans last week during Kieler Woche have forced me to focus on getting the Farr 30 ready for Race Week and I don´t have the time to get her race ready for Gotland as well.

    Have raced the Round Gotland Race on a variety of boats, from J80 doublehanded to 77 feet IACC, the last 7 years on Sinergia 40 “DataCom”.

    Sailing results in the past includes:

    3 x winner of Round Gotland Race, 2 times as overall winner.
    3 x 1:st in Swedish Championships Offshore IMS/ORCi
    1:st in ORCi European Championships 2008
    2:nd in IMS World Championships 2006
    3:rd in Farr 30 European Championships 2011

    christofer.brugge(at)gmail.com 070-749 84 88

  3. Stefan P Jun 30, 2011 Reply


    Fick för 45 minuter sedan ett återbud på SRW och ÅF offshore race. Vi är ett gäng som seglar X 362 Perfect Excuse i ORCi 2 som verkar bli en spännade klass i år. Om intresse finns ring mig Stefan 070 5338542 eller stefan.peterson(at)kaptenia.se eller Mikael Lindell 0706 114951.

    // Stefan

  4. Kristofer Jul 1, 2011 Reply

    If you need a crew member this is me!

    Stockholm, Sweden +46-722-9550 (Sweden) kris.eriksson@gmail.com

    EXPERIENCE (total 30 years and 4 months)
    2008-2011: Sailing to Åland, St Anna and around the Stockholm archipelago with a wonderful old lady of type OE36 (if it’s +20 knots of breeze we can sometimes beat the faster boats, 100% competitive mode, even during vacation)
    -2004-2008: C40, fast and fun cruising
    -1992-1997: Safir, yeeha – kinda like goin’ upwind and workin’ the bilge pump
    -1989-1992: Folkboat (with big a F)… hells yeah. Nuttin’ like it
    -1981-1983: Allegro 27 (whom which father invented LYS)… for more information about the boat read (or watch) “S/Y Glädjen”.

    EDUCATION (total of 4 years and 6 months of higher education etc.)
    -KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
    -Costal skipper
    I.E. I’m a pretty serious dude

    -Ornö runt 2007, crew with Jonas Wirström (I think we came 3:rd in our class… Omega 36, Amarone)
    -Consultant, ÅF Infrastuktur AB, March 2006 – dec 2009 ;)
    Any who… I love sailing and I can handle just about anything… rough weather/navigation/steering/trimming/cooking

  5. Stefan P Jul 1, 2011 Reply


    Blureffekten funkar vi har nu besätting till nästan hela SRW och ÅF. Tack alla som engagerat er. Jag kommer att ringa någon till av er vi har en plats på SRW Segla väl. Jag kan samtidigt rapportera att JSM blev strålande i Arkösund vi hade lite dassiga vindar i måndags men helheten blev bra. Tack alla glada och engagerade seglare med föräldrar för en härlig vecka. Nu skall jag kappsegla själv.

  6. PerG Jul 1, 2011 Reply


    Vi har en vakans på Scanner 391 Abalone inför Gotland Runt (ÅF)! Vi kör SRS Alfa och söker en 8:e besättningsman (-kvinna). Slå en signal till mig, Per Geijer (08-5888 5101), om det låter intessant!


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