Mackinac 2011 | J Crew’d

Det finns många sätt att filma ett race. Här har man i fyra delar fått med allt snack runtomkring på en J/105 under årets Chicago to Mackinac Race. Det känns ju som ett race man borde köra någon gång. I alla fall om det är så här mycket undanvind och man slipper den där stormen som tog två seglares liv.

We should have known that a boat named Crash Test Dummies was going to be a problem. With only two days to prep, the crew of the renamed “J Crew’d” was face with endless challenges in ensuring this J 105 was race ready. Traveling from San Diego to Chicago for their first ever Chicago to Mackinac race this seasoned crew wouldn’t be discouraged about the challenges in front of them.

It’s race day and optimism abounds. J Crew’d is sure they’ve plotted the course to victory in the 2011 Chicago to Mackinac sailing race. Watch as the emotional rollercoaster that is the Mac begins to take hold of the Captain and Crew.

In spite of the realization that they took the wrong course the team on J Crew’d never lost faith. The winds were blowing, the boat was surfing and all were confident that they could make up the time lost cruising up the Wisconsin coast line. What they didn’t know was that ahead of them was a storm like no other seen in the 100 year history of this race. Follow J Crew’d as they battle 60+ knot winds in their quest to win the greatest honor in fresh water sailing.

As the J Crew’d team begins their final day in the Mackinac race they share their experience of the storm the night before. The race, is no longer about winning or losing, but a celebration of the sport, teamwork and camaraderie that defines sailing.


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