IDEC har kappsejsat

Legenden Francis Joyon har tippat sin IDEC under rekordförsöket över Atlanten. James Boyd på Daily Sail har storyn.

At the time I was sailing under triple reefed mainsail and with the small ORC [storm jib]. The violence of the squall was such that the sensor, and the anti-capsize alarm did not have time to go off. The wind continued to build very violently and I felt the boat literally catapulted into the air. Within seconds, I was ‘on the roof’. I found myself under water, beneeath the nets. I tried to guide myself back to open air. It was night and chaos. Eventually, I made it to one of the floats. I’m not sure how I reached the forward beam but I was able to climb up onto the platform. I then got inside the boat through the escape hatch.

“I don’t think IDEC has suffered too much. I have about 10 cm of water down below. I have managed to save the electronics. I was able to retrieve my Iridium phone to report the capsize. I have a very powerful flash light and as the boat has drifted onto a major shipping lane into New York, I spent the last of the night on deck signalling my presence to freighters.


  1. Erik Barkefors Aug 23, 2011 Reply

    Francis Joyon är en av världens mest rutinerade flerskrovssoloseglare. Han brukar alltid komma helskinnad i hamn (förutom sista resan med Idec I…). Jag hoppas att han kan komma tillbaka med Idec II!

  2. Pelle P Aug 23, 2011 Reply

    När FJ pratar i dessa termerna så framstår TR 2011 som rena sjöbrisen… Ja ja, vet att TR var kustnära med allt det innebär.

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