J/109 till British Keelboat Academy

Launched! Bra initiativ av David Aisher som lånar ut sin J/109 till British Keelboat Academy.

Förresten, någon som vet om det skvallras om Commodore’s Cup här uppe i norr? Norge skulle ju få ihop ett team och Magic skämde ju inte ut sig på Cowes Week.

10 members of the British Keelboat Academy all aged between 18 and 23 have very kindly been donated a j109 “Yeoman of Wight” by David Aisher and have set themselves the mammoth task of campaigning the boat for the Commodore’s Cup that takes place in the Solent in 2012.

Watch this page to find out how the squad gets on in their training both on and off the water, finding sponsorship and in the qualifying leading up to the Commodore’s Cup that takes place on the 21st-28th of July 2012.