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Fick ett mail från Henry Bomby, som tackade för att jag hade visat hans video här på bloggen.

Henry är en av seglarna i Artemis Offshore Academy, och jag bad honom skriva ett par rader om hur det är. Engelsmännen har gett sig tusan på att ge fransoserna en match när det gäller solosegling och man har ett otroligt ambitöst program. Och det verkar ge utdelning. Just nu ligger Sam Goodchild och Nick Cherry 5:a i Transat AG2R La Mondiale i mycket namnkunnit sällskap.

Hello my name is Henry Bomby and I am a member of the Artemis Offshore Academy. I am 21 years old and through the academy have the backing and support to train and compete full time on the Figaro circuit.

The Figaro is a single handed offshore race circuit (although with a few double-handed events thrown in for good measure) based all over Europe. Every French solo sailing star, and every winner of the Vendee Globe has most definitely served an apprenticeship in the Figaro class, and that is the aim of the academy, to help us young Vendee ‘wannabes’ reach our goal.

The main event each year is the Solitaire du Figaro which I hope to take part in this year if I gain selection. Sailing and training full time is probably just about as good as it sounds, I absolutely love it, learning all the time about boat set up, sail set up, performance routing, meteorology, as well as the black art of single handed manoeuvres. To give you an idea of the training we do, check out the video I made a few weeks back, ‘A day in the life.’ Bye for now, H. 

twitter: @henrysailing

DOB: 31/01/91
Currently living: Out of a suitcase
Hometown: Kingswear
Personal sponsor: The Rockfish Seafood Restaurants

Top three things about short-handed sailing:
1. Your performance is all down to you
2. No-one can bug you
3. It can be tough at times but very rewarding

Best sailing achievement: Putting together my Round Britain project and our J80 youth team ‘Team Baltic’

What attracts you to short-handed sailing? I like knowing I can do everything on board and I enjoy being an ‘all-rounder’. The fact that you win or lose by the decisions you alone make can be a brutal way to learn but also highly rewarding when you get it right.

What are your short-term goals? To train hard this winter and make a name for myself through the Figaro circuit

What are your long-term goals? To become a highly successful offshore sailor

What are your passions outside of sailing? I play the drums, love rugby, skiing, swimming, cricket, cycling… General sports fan. I also started a small kitchenware company selling chopping boards

If I wasn’t a sailor I would be: Selling [food] chopping boards to the masses

Personal motto: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder


  1. Team Styrbord Apr 24, 2012 Reply

    Det ser oförskämt trevligt ut….var skriver man in sig..:-)

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