Hanse Race

Det blev ingen Baltic Sprint Cup i år, så här är alternativet.

HANSE RACE: a Baltic Regatta including several
Harbour across the Baltic Hanseatic Cities

July, 22nd – 28th 2012

The German Offshore Owners Association e.V. www.ger-oo.org organizes with its members the private Regatta HANSE RACE in the Baltic in July 2012. The Regatta fits the time-schedule of the called off event “Baltic Sprint Cup” by the NRV.

- The HANSE RACE consists of a kernel with the first Start in Karlskrona/ Sweden at July, 22nd and leads along the leg-harbours Västervik and Visby to Klaipeda, where the finish is at July 28th, so all previously made Registrations can be kept.

- For the legs Västervik-Visby and Visby-Klaipeda a scoring for the Trophy will be done, so all Yachts competing in the North will have an attractive chance with the first start in Västervik.

- The Scoring will be done in ORC, IRC, DH and SRS, regarding the rating certificates the participants hold. For each Rating with at least 3 yachts a price will be given. The Scoring for the Trophy will be on ORC ToT Offshore.

- A pure Cruiser Class without rating will be sailed as well!

- Optionally there will be Home Regattas to Danzig and Rönne (Bornholm) held.

- It has a character of a private Regatta, due to the reduction of organizational Overheads and costs. Because we only have a volunteer Race Committee the Registration Fee will be kept low. On the other side the participants will pay their own berth fees. Parties will be held spontaneously.

- The NRV welcomes the Alternative in the schedule for the called off Baltic Sprint Cup.

- More Details shortly

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  1. Volker Andreae May 3, 2012 Reply

    further information: http://www.hanserace.org

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