Vice Admirals Cup 2012

Idag är sista dagen på Vice Admirals Cup 2012. Kul, inte bara för att man samlar sex J/111, men framför allt för att Rickard Melander dominerar bland kvartstonnarna. Foto: Fiona Brown.

Rick Melander’s Alice II is not only dominating the 11 strong Quarter Ton Class, but is also top performing boat in the regatta. Their perfect score of six straight wins puts them into pole position for class victory tomorrow. The big battle in the Quarter Tonners will be for second place with George Andreadis’s Atalanti IV and Sam Laidlaw’s Aguila counting 17 points apiece and both currently discarding a 6th. Also still in contention for a spot on the podium are Diamund Foley’s Anchor Challenge with 21 points and Louise Morton’s Espada with 30 points.