Sailing is awesome

Over the last couple of years we have filmed sailing.

Sailing in all its forms, from world class catamaran teams, Ocean racers to Olympic sailing teams. But also the up and coming youths in the 470 and of course my personal favorite: kitesurfing.

One thing all these people have in common, they love Sailing and they love Wind.

However when I try to explain what is so special about sailing and wind, most of the (non sailing) people just don’t get it….
That is why I decided to make this film: to show the world what is so great about Sailing and Wind! In the only way we know: Up close and personal!

Obviously all off the footage was shot with the GoPro HD and the GoPro HD2 and most of the camera mounts we build ourselves to get the shot we wanted…

My thanks go out to all you sailors out there who keep pushing your limits for the love of this great sport.
And especially all the sailors who invited me into their world, and wanted to share their passion.

May the wind be with you.

Sail Video System
Thijs Vrij & Rene Mullie

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