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Royal Ocean Cup
Här kommer preliminär inbjudan till Royal Ocean Cup nästa år. I kväll skall jag på informationsmöte i Rungsted och då får vi se om det kommer fler nyheter.

– an ORCi Race among countries in the Baltic.

9-14 September 2013

In the “old” days there was Admiral Cup in Cowes. Sailors came from all over the world to compete for the Cup during almost 2 weeks of racing – inshore as well as offshore and representing their countries.

Today there is Sardinia Cup raced under ORCi which basically forms the framework for the Cup that we will propose.

The basic idea of these cups is great – to form teams and race against each other in a number of different race types – short courses – longer courses and maybe in a future format even team-match racing.

The Royal Ocean Cup is a cup raced between countries – every country should be welcomed – and each country can be represented by 2 teams.

The location should be the island of Bornholm situated in the Baltic – as this is the most central location you could find – and the waters round the island is perfectly suited for racing. A “Round the Island” race to match the original from Isle of Wight will be part of the event.

Schedule will be:
Day 1, 09/9 – Registration and measurement
Day 2, 10/9 – Registration and measurement, opening ceremony
Day 3, 11/9 – inshore races
Day 4, 12/9 – inshore race – start of short offshore race
Day 5, 13/9 – Offshore race finish, inshore race
Day 6, 14/9 – inshore race(s), closing ceremony

The offshore race will be a race of approximately 12-14 hours duration for the slowest boat.

Inshore races shall be of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours duration.

The regatta is open to all boats with valid ORC International certificate.

The race is a team race among countries. Each team will consist of a One Design boat, one ORCi class 1 (preliminary 600-750) boat and one ORCi class 2 boat (preliminary 500-600). Final decision on Group 1 and 2 will be taken after over viewing the result of the ORCi Worlds in Helsinki. For each team the ISAF Sailor Classification Code shall apply. ORCi

Class 1 boats are allowed to carry 3 Group 3 crews, Class 2 boats 2 Group 3 crews and OD boats 2 Group 3 crews. All boat to be helmed by either owner or by a Group 1 registered helmsman. Owner might be Group 3 without counting in as a Group 3 crew when helming. 2 crew members on each boat may hold a different nationality then that of the country the boat represents.

The race headquarters will be placed in Rønne – main city of Bornholm – and moorings will be in Rønne. Accommodation facilities are great – as the social program planned

The Royal Ocean Cup is organized by the Royal Danish Yachtclub in conjunction with Bornholm Baltic Race Week under the authority of the Danish Sailing Association and under the overall authority of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC).


  1. Pelle P Oct 12, 2012 Reply

    Tror jag fick svar på “ett bra höstrace”! Stort projekt dock.

    • Author
      Peter Gustafsson Oct 12, 2012 Reply

      Appropå stora projekt… så kom en inbjudan till VM i J/111 i augusti nästa år. Chicago :-)

      • Pelle P Oct 13, 2012 Reply


      • kim Oct 14, 2012 Reply

        Ni fixar väl en entyps tillfartstävling från Europa?
        Glöm inte GoPron.

      • Henrik N Aug 3, 2013 Reply

        Åker ni till Chicago?

  2. classe Oct 12, 2012 Reply

    kan någon förklara grupp 1,2,3 seglare lite kort. Jag vet att det har med om man är proffs eller amatör men inte i vilken siffra som är vilket? Konstig mening det blev men ni fattar nog :)

  3. Johan R Oct 13, 2012 Reply

    Saftig anmälnngavgift, 3400 Euro!

    • Pelle P Oct 13, 2012 Reply

      Per båt eller team?

      • Pelle P Oct 13, 2012 Reply

        Såg själv att det var per team och då känns det inte så saftigt, tycker jag. Ca 100-150 Euro/person för en veckas race är överkomligt.

        • Mats V Oct 13, 2012 Reply

          27 man på railen? ;-)

          • Pelle P Oct 13, 2012

            Nä, får det till ca 25-30 i besättningnarna sammanlagt på tre båtar. Har jag tänkt/räknat fel?

          • Mats V Oct 14, 2012

            Aha! Sorry, my bad. Gick i samma fälla och tänkte per båt. Måste komma in i team spirit!

  4. Johan R Oct 13, 2012 Reply

    Saftig anmälningsavgift!

  5. Sören Walting Oct 13, 2012 Reply

    Hvem vil dog deltage i dette “OCEAN” race. Baltic Sea og Bornholm er vel ingen Ocean. Och 3400 Euro, det måsta være verdens dyreste race at deltage i.

    Med 11 måneder til start, så skal mange beslutte sig snart. Er der nogen der ved om nogan vil deltage i dette arrangement på Bornholm.

  6. Johan Rockström Aug 1, 2013 Reply

    ROC inställt, se nedan.

    Dear All Sailing Friends

    The first start of the Royal Ocean Cup will take place on Wednesday 17th 2014 – the place will be the same Nexoe Harbour on Bornholm – but the way teams will be formed and how entry procedure will take place will be revised and a new NOR will be issued within a few month.

    This was the tough and hard decision KDY had to take beginning of this week. On the paper we had 5 teams with entry fee paid, but when we tried to get more facts on these 5 teams it showed up, that most likely 2 of the teams would not be able to form a team because of lack of X35 and the likelihood of getting new teams to sign in apart from these five seemed close to non-existing. Based on these facts with most likely 3 teams on the starting line in September it was our opinion, that the Cup would not have the sporting value, that we together with our partners on Bornholm had visioned. But we are still totally convinced, that the basic idea is viable – this is the reason for not cancelling the Cup – we are postponing it to 2014.

    The main reason for people struggling to form teams is that it is more than difficult to get X35. We had a strong belief when we did the NOR, that as the Class held its Worlds in Malmoe in August there would be sufficient boats available in the area a month later, but we where wrong. Participating in X-Gold Cup, then Malmoe and a number of local races showed up to be more than enough for X35 owners. So we made a fatal and wrong decision there.

    We are now going to use the next couple of month together we our friends in ORC and the national BigBoat organizations to discuss and decide on a revised set of Notice of Race and a major topic will be “if a One Design – then which class” and “maybe instead 3 ORCi boats in 3 different sizes”. But we will be back on this matter during August. We will for 2014 work much more actively in a cooperation with the different countries to present the Cup to the ORC sailors and to secure a high number of teams at an early stage – to secure sponsors and volunteers.

    We deeply regret the problems this decision may rise to some of you – it was not an easy decision – but with 3 teams on the starting line the Cup would not make sense – and most likely be the first and last venue. Personally I have been totally convinced we would make it – but I was proven wrong.

    We have meet an unbelievable support and enthusiasm from all our partners on Bornholm not the least from Nexoe Harbour that was all ready with great facilities for September 2013 but has confirmed that they will be even more ready for 2014.

    We hope you understand our decision and the basis on which it was taken and as said we will get back to you all later in August to start the process of revising the NOR.

    Kind regards


    Lars Ive
    Vice-commodore, KDY

  7. Hans Aug 4, 2013 Reply

    Absolutely bullocks – what happened with KDY. They used to be prof, handling Match Racing Tour, Farr40 Worlds, Dragon Gold Cup, 470’Worlds, J80 Worlds etc etc – now it seems all they do is talk and very little action

  8. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Sep 30, 2013 Reply

    Osäker på varför, men KDY verkar loosa ganska mycket pengar på ett inställt Royal Ocean Cup…

    Jeg er dog også nødsaget til at nævne den meget store ærgrelse, der ligger i den kæmpe skuffelse at måtte udsætte Royal Ocean Cup på Bornholm. Dette har desværre også indvirkning på resultatet for året, da udsættelsen påvirker bundlinjen i KDY negativt med 2-300

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