Rough Mistral

Det är alltid kul med blåsiga race. Här har vi JPK 10.10 Zulu som spikade IRC4 förra helgen i Marseille. Snittfart på undanvinden var 17 knop. Spana in videon nedan. Jag tror även färjan på slutet var på nyheterna.

Tipstack till Madeleine Sassy som också fotade och filmade.

The IRC – UNCL Mediterranean Championship 2012 ended in Marseille last weekend with the SEMAC Trophy, run in violent gusts of Mistral.

At the end of a rich and sometimes turbulent season, the 2012 Mediterranean Champions are: Team Vision Future (GP42) IRC1, Sayann Madraco (First 40) IRC2, Prime Time (A35) IRC3 and Jin Tonic (J/92) IRC4. The Final Championship (Champion’s Trophy bringing together all class winners in a One Design race fleet) will take place from 9th to 11th of November in Marseille.

For the SEMAC Trophy, the conditions proved challenging for the organizers with a forecast for a Force 11 Mistral. Nevertheless, the comitee made the right decisions and managed to run two races on Saturday morning when the winds were still managable albeit with a really hard sea. By the time the competitors were safely back inport, the gusts were reaching 60 kts and it was over for the week-end.


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