+60 knop!!!

Walvis Bay, Namibia, 19:13

Boom… 61 knot peak… 54. something average. Rum and champagne. The outright will fall. Brilliant.

Just in… 61 + knot peak speed and a 54. something average. Had to stop as the end was coming up fast. Everything went into fast forward. I was saying ” this is fast, this is fast” and then she took off again… “this is real f*****g fast”!!!

I thought we might have bagged the outright as well… as you would after hitting over 60 knots… but the average wasn’t there… I think. We haven’t downloaded the big TRIMBLE yet. Everyone is getting the data down now. We broke our own PB twice today… so that’s 2 x triple rum and cokes in pint glasses… and of course the 60 knot bottle of champagne also falls. Happy days.

What a great relief.

I know the current world record is toast… hell, they can even raise it a bit if they want.

Life for VESTAS Sailrocket 2 starts at 60 knots. Today she walked on stage. She was beautiful to drive. Totally in control.

I got Helena to come down to the end of the course before I checked the speeds. I wanted her to be there. Unfortunately she had her phone in her drysuit pocket so that was the end of the Tweets.

Righto… lots to do.

The outright record remains to be beaten.

I’ll let you all know the actual numbers when I know myself.

Happy days alright.

Nice work team… real nice.

Cheers from one beaming Australian in Namibia.


sailrocket.com Tipstack till Henrik Dillman.


  1. Kåre Nov 12, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations Paul, +61 knots is fantastic. I hope you will take the official speed record soon.

  2. Pelle P Nov 13, 2012 Reply

    61 knop!!!!, tror jag har åkt motorbåt i ca50kn och det kändes. Vet att jag har varit en bra bit över 30 i segelbåt och DET KÄNDES!!!!!! Åsså lägger vi på 25-30 knop till…

    • Patrick L Nov 13, 2012 Reply

      En bra bit över 30 i segelbåt?? Vad snackar vi då?

      • srsseglaren Nov 13, 2012 Reply
      • Pelle P Nov 13, 2012 Reply

        Formula 40 katta, tidigt 90-tal.

        • Patrick L Nov 13, 2012 Reply

          Shit…det är snabbt även för en modern 40-fots katta! Adrenalin! :)

          • Pelle P Nov 13, 2012

            Jepp, upp till 30kn var bara kul, över 30kn var stressigt/adrenalinstinnt! “By far” den ballaste seglingen jag har varit med om. Kan tänka mig att VX40/AC45 osv är “lättare” att hantera i +30kn!!

        • srsseglaren Nov 13, 2012 Reply

          Hittar inget på nätet, fanns det inte en gul F 40 som seglades i Svedala på den tiden ?
          Vilken sponsor var det, flygvapnet ?

          • Pelle P Nov 13, 2012

            Det var den, vit fram tom -95. Sponsrades av olika bolag olika år, bl.a. Ericson och Flygvapnet. Dock stod de två ägarna för mycket.

          • Sam V Nov 13, 2012

            Hette den inte Forbo Forshaga ett tag? Nytt golv var 20:e sekund typ. Hela Nordeuropa borde vara golvat vid det här laget.

          • Pelle P Nov 14, 2012

            Jepp, såldes till Polen i slutet av 90-talet.

  3. Jonas F Nov 13, 2012 Reply

    Hydrocoptere har väl gjort 60 i open sea.

    Vestas Sailrocker seglar på ett håll och på plattvatten samt är ful som stryk. Min röst är på fransmännen. Mer vitlök tack.

    • Author
      Peter Gustafsson Nov 13, 2012 Reply

      Ja, precis innan l’Hydroptere flippade…

      Här verkar 60 knop vara “a walk in the park”. Skall bli kul att se vad de kan göra för rekordrepa.

  4. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Nov 13, 2012 Reply

    Nu med en video ovan. Kolla in deras leenden!!!

    With the modifcations made to the new foil on VESTAS Sailrocket 2 working so well in light winds, the team were keen to see if they would translate to high speeds. VSR2 had constantly been hitting a ‘glass ceiling’ around 52 knots despite the fact that she was designed to do well over 60. This is the day when theory turned into reality and the team got to see speeds they could only dare dream about when they started over 10 years earlier. Peak speed 61.92 knots, average over 500 meters 54.08 knots. This was the teams first sight of a new horizon. The peaks and the averages are expected to climb in the following runs.

    • Tompa Nov 13, 2012 Reply

      +1 för leendena. Äkta!

  5. sillstryparn Nov 13, 2012 Reply

    ÅFOR på 5 timmar

    • kim Nov 13, 2012 Reply

      Men på beräknad då?

  6. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Nov 13, 2012 Reply

    Även Bringdal verkar vara på humör. +50 knop i två repor.


  7. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Nov 16, 2012 Reply

    That’s it… We’ve smashed the arse off it!
    59 knot average. Live from end of speed spot!

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