Vendee Globe | week 2 highlights


  1. Team exilia Dec 1, 2012 Reply

    Ingen som noterat att 24h rekordet är rejält höjt nu? Nästan 500 nm/24h

  2. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Dec 1, 2012 Reply

    Över 20 knop i snitt. Inte illa!

    Jean Pierre Dick today smashed the record he only set yesterday. Yesterday, between 9am GMT Friday 30th November to 9am GMT Saturday 1st December, Jean-Pierre Dick (Virbac Paprec 3), travelled from point to point, 502,53 miles in twenty-four hours, averaging speeds of 20.9 knots. Yesterday, between 4am GMT Friday 30th November to 4am GMT Saturday 1st December Jean-Pierre Dick (Virbac Paprec 3) travelled from point to point, 498.80 miles in twenty-four hours, averaging speeds of 20.8 knots, which subsequently broke the record held previously by Alex Thomson in 2003 and, also the record set the day before, which would have been subject to ratification, by François Gabart (MACIF), of 482.91 miles in 24hrs. Confirmation of the record is subject to the ratification of the WSSRC (World Speed Sailing Record Council).

    These phenomenal speeds are faster than the speed records set in the 2007 Barcelona Race double handed round the world race, held by Alex Thomson/Andrew Cape, onboard Hugo Boss, GBR, traveling 501.3 miles, averaging 20.9 knots and just slower than the 2011 record set by Jean Pierre Dick/Loick Peyron, Virbac Paprec, FRA, covering 506.333 miles averaging knots.
    Since yesterday, three boats in the fleet have smashed into smithereens Thomson’s record, including Thomson himself.
    All speeds were recorded on the 1st December.

    Macif 1st December 0530 GMT 487.23, 20.3 knots average
    Cheminées Poujoulat 1200 GMT 482.59, 20.1 knots average
    Hugo Boss 1000 GMT 473.87, 19.7 knots average

    Ultimately, of course, for now, the record has been broken by Jean Pierre Dick, but the race is young, and the conclusion is yet to be realised.

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