Onne van der Wal | Salty Pixels

Riktigt bra för er som gillar fotografering och segling. En av mina favoritfotografer, Onne van der Wal, visar bilder och berättar. Sätt av en timma någon gång i helgen.

Join renowned sailing and nautical photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Onne van der Wal, as he takes you on a salty voyage through his photographic works. Onne shoots around the globe taking full advantage of our water logged planet, capturing harbors, beaches, regattas and coastal scenes that make landlubbers and “yachties” alike yearn for a life (or at least a vacation!) at sea. Revered for his witty and enlightening presentations, Onne gives you an inside look at what it takes to shoot in the salt and waves and how to make the best pictures in a salty situation without donating your camera gear to Poseidon. Sharing stills and video clips as well as tips and tricks, Onne’s lecture is sure to delight photographers, mariners and admirers of the sea.