Nytt från Kroatien… Enavigo 38

Ännu en “flat out racer” strax under 40 fot. Den här gången från Andrej Justin och Enavigo. Tipstack till Mauritz von Krusenstierna.


The boat is designed for the sailor who puts excellence first and knows that quality and quantity are two very different properties. We gathered all our resources to design and help build the ultimate Club Racer (Racer-Cruiser).

The hull is the result of extensive CFD and VPP studies. The moderate beam and narrow static waterlines optimise upwind and downwind performance, whilst the rounded chine extending forward to the bow, the balanced volume distribution and high prismatic coefficent through all heel angles give the boat:

– ease of handling
– a comfortable dry ride in rougher seas
– exceptional offshore and reaching speed potential.

The light and stiff high tech boat structures are designed according to ISO 12 215 Category A and have been FEA optimized. High aspect ratio appendages and high ballast/displacement ratio combined with a generous sailplan and a light but easy to handle stable rig further boost the seaworthiness and performance of the yacht.

Below deck she accomodates a sporty crew of eight, four of whom sleep on pipe berths. The XL bath gives the crew big boat comfort on offshore races. The essential galley is equipped with a large fridge and food storage capabilities. A dedicated large, well equipped navigation station is given prime position directly accessible to crew members.

On deck the large cockpit, wide side decks and minimalistic deckhouse give the boat the GP racer look. This is emphasised by the oversized high quality and ergonomicaly positioned deck hardware which enable both a shorthanded crew and a full racing crew to achieve the boats maximum potential with ease and in safety.

Hull length 11.60 m
Bmax 3.50 m
Displacement 3.600 t
Keel 1.800 t
Draft 2.600 m
Waterline Length 11.530 m

Main 58.50 m²
Jib44.40 m²
Spinnaker 140,00 m²
I 15,06 m J 5,05 m P 15,80 m E 4,95 m





  1. Feffe Feb 27, 2013 Reply

    En fundering, passerade Kode idag och utmed E6 ligger en form till något som ser ut som en snabb skuta, någon som vet vad det är för båt ? Rak för och skarpa slag i aktern.

    • Raketen Feb 27, 2013 Reply

      Kode 0? ;)

    • kalle Feb 28, 2013 Reply

      Har oxå undrat över denna form? Ser riktigt bra ut! (det man hinner se när man kör förbi på motorvägen)

      • Andreas i HP Feb 28, 2013 Reply

        Jag gissar på CR460 då jag kollat den flera ggr oxå när jag åker förbi…
        Men svårt att se på 100m avstånd:-)

  2. Peter Feb 27, 2013 Reply

    från Ungern kopplas lätt till Balaton. 2,6m djupt där verkar något djupt för denna sjö.

  3. fila Nov 1, 2013 Reply

    Boat had first race, and going really well offshore. Next week come ORCi nationals inshore so we will see… Brgds

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