Ny poängberäkning?

Jag blev lite konfunderad idag. När jag kollade in de svenska resultaten från ISAF-racen på Mallis här om dagen, så såg det ganska mörkt ut. Men nu kom det pressreleaser om medaljrace i både Nacra 17 och Laser. Vilket i och för sig var kul. Men hur gick det till?

Tydligen så testar man ett nytt poängsystem inför Rio 2016. Jag försökte förstå vad som händer men orkade helt enkelt inte… och de som är på plats verkar inte heller helt nöjda:

Darren Bundock:

@Sofiamapfre_en What a crap scoring system, @ISAFupdates you need to get a little bit serious?? All those qualifying races and they are discardable. You can actually not compete in the qualification series, win the first heat of the finals and be leading the regatta. What are you thinking??

Victor Kovalenko (coach AUS):

“New rules and new scoring methods should be tested at a lower level, where the overall results matter to a lesser degree,” Kovalenko told sailing website sail-news.com. “This new experimental format must be thrown out immediately. It devalues the first days of the regatta.”

Är detta ett sätt att göra seglingen mer begriplig? Rättvisare? Någon som har lite koll på vad som händer?

25.1 The Low Point System shall apply to all races, including the Carry Forward Race in SI 25.4. RRS A4.1 is changed so that the boat finishing first shall be scored 0 points and, except for 49er and 49er FX, the points scored in medal stage races are doubled.
25.2 In each series, a boat’s score shall be calculated in accordance with RRS A2, except there shall be no excluded score in the medal stage.
25.3 A boat starting later than 4 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start. This changes RRS A4 and A5.
25.4 The first race of the Final Series shall be a Carry Forward (CF) race with points equal to a boat’s final rank in the qualifying series.
25.5 RRS A4.2 is changed so that those scores are based on
(a) The number of boats assigned to compete in a single fleet series, or
(b) The number of boats assigned to the largest fleet in a split fleet qualification series, or
(c) The number of boats assigned to the fleet in the final series or medal stage.
25.6 Three races are required to be completed to constitute a regatta.
25.7 If at the end of the qualifying series some boats have more race scores than others, scores for the most recent races will be excluded so that all boats have the same number of race scores.
25.8 The boats competing in the Medal Stage shall be scored highest in the regatta. The boats competing in the Gold Fleet shall be scored higher in the regatta than boats competing in the Silver fleet. This may not apply to a boat disqualified under RRS 5 or 69.
25.9 RRS B8 is deleted. RRS A8 is changed as follows:
25.9.1 For boats competing in a medal stage, ties in the regatta score are broken by the medal stage score.
25.9.2 Ties in a medal stage with a single race are broken by applying RRS A8 to the opening series scores.
25.9.3 Series ties in a medal stage with more than one race are broken in accordance with A8.2.
25.10 A boat assigned to compete in the medal stage shall make a genuine effort to start, sail the course and finish. The penalty for a breach of this instruction will be ranking the boat tenth in the regatta. If there are two such boats, they will be ranked ninth and tenth, in order of their opening-series ranks, and so on. This changes RRS A2.
25.11 To request correction of an alleged error in posted race or series results, a boat may complete a scoring enquiry form available at the race office.

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