Äntligen fredag…

Kul att se ett annat perspektiv från Sydney Hobart är det från 100-fotarna. Helt nya Ker 46 Patrice verkade ha ganska sjysst segling innan det gick sönder saker:

Disappointment however for Tony Kirby and his crew on the newly launched Ker 46 Patrice, who after negotiating the light airs and windless holes, experienced an exciting down wind ride in the building northerly breeze, only to face the ferocious southerly change that would be their undoing. After slamming into steep choppy waves for 4 hours, one particularly bad crash caused a ring frame to crack in the bow of Patrice. Tony elected to retire from the race rather than risk further damage to the new yacht as the wild crossing of Storm Bay lay just around the corner. The southerly change bought winds of 50kts with gusts of 60kts and the steep cold waves rolling in from the south combined with the northerly swell that had built over the last day or so to create steep punishing waves out at sea where Patrice was positioned well away from the shelter of Tasmania.

Disappointment would be an understatement for Tony, who was leading the race on corrected time, even though the 4 hours of head winds had slowed the boats progress compared to the larger and faster boats positioned closer to Hobart when the front hit. Regardless, Tony was still elated with the boat and its performance in a range of conditions but particularly enjoyed the hard running, posting an awesome video of the better moments of his race here. Remaining up beat Tony has already committed to the 70th Rolex Sydney Hobart and having a go at claiming the elusive Rolex in his new Patrice

Patrice is now in Hobart, and after reviewing the structural design with Ker Design the McConaghy team have fabricated a new strengthened section of ring frame which will be fitted the yacht in time for Tony to continue with his plans to compete in the Geelong Festival of Sails later this month.


  1. Classe Jan 10, 2014 Reply

    Schysst klimat, regnbrallor och bar överkropp :)

  2. Bj Jan 10, 2014 Reply

    Vad är en “ring frame” ?

  3. Stefan Kolmodin Jan 10, 2014 Reply

    Ring frame är ett ringspant (i detta sammanhang moderna racingbåtar sannolikt mer som ett skott med stort hål i) som är infäst hela vägen runt tvärskepps dvs både däcket, friborden och botten. Lossnar ett sådant då man ramlar ner från en våg så förlorar skrovet hela eller del den styvhet som spantet är tänkt att bidra till konstruktionen med.

  4. Bj Jan 10, 2014 Reply

    Då förstår jag att dom bröt

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