Nödbloss med LED måste ju vara rätt?

Sådana här borde ju ersätta pyroteknik som hela tiden blir för gammal. Någon som har koll på om/när man kan förvänta sig att dessa blir godkända i ISAF Offshore Special Regs?

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  1. JIMMY Mar 18, 2014 Reply

    Först krävs nog att dom blir godkända av något stort och viktigt organ, typ US Coast Guard…

    “Laser-strobe flares (electronic visual distress signals, or EVDSs) have not yet received USCG approval as alternatives to pyrotechnic flares, but standards for their use are being written and approval is anticipated, according to a member of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services. It’s important to note that approval likely will only be for supplemental use, possibly in conjunction with an EPIRB or personal locator beacon (PLB), which would generate the distress signal and general vessel position, while the EVDS would be used to pin-point the location once rescuers arrive. There is no plan for flare carry laws to change to require EVDSs instead of pyrotechnic flares on recreational boats, the USCG told PS.”

    Saxat från Practical Sailor

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