Vestas kommer tillbaka

Ni har säkert koll på att Vestas avser att skicka båten till Persico Marine i Italien för att lappa ihop den igen. Man hoppas att vara tillbaka igen i Lissabon (eller i vilket fall “strax före Göteborg”.

Just over one month after the Vestas Wind ran aground in the Cargados Carajos Shoals in the Indian Ocean, Vestas Wind Systems A/S together with sub-sponsor Powerhouse are proud to announce the return of our boat and nine-man crew to the 2014-2015 Race.
“I am extremely proud to announce that Team Vestas Wind will be rejoining the race by repairing the boat,” says Morten Albæk, Vestas Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of Team Vestas Wind. “Vestas is a company that stands up to pressure. We stick with it, we make comebacks. This has become a race for us to rejoin the race.”

“Just like Team Vestas Wind, Powerhouse is also resilient, and we are more than ever committed to support and help the team to get back in the race” says Patrick Lammers, responsible for Powerhouse in RWE’s Retail Board.

Initial concerns that returning to the race might not be possible were overcome when skipper Chris Nicholson returned to the reef with shore crew and a salvage team in mid-December to recover the boat and assessed that it was probably reparable.

“We got the boat off the reef in better condition than we thought possible,” Nicholson said. “There are large portions of the deck that can be reused and a lot of other components within the structure. We’ll rebuild our boat just as we rebuild our hopes and dreams.”

The damaged boat has now arrived in Malaysia after being picked up by a Maersk Line container ship that diverted to the area of the crash site in December. A thorough assessment of the damage will now be carried out and the Volvo Ocean 65 will soon be on its way to join Team Vestas Wind’s shore and sailing crewmembers to begin repairs at Persico Marine in Italy.

“Stakeholders including Maersk, Volvo Ocean Race, Powerhouse, and Team Alvimedica have displayed an amazing level of support,” reiterated Albæk. “Indeed, the generosity of all our fellow teams was instrumental in our decision to get back into the race.”

“We will continue to promote our A race we must win campaign to combat energy poverty, climate change and water scarcity leading up to the COP Paris 2015 climate change conference. Although the schedule is short and every second counts, Vestas is known for overcoming big challenges. We now have the opportunity to perform one of the biggest comebacks in sailing and prove to the world what Vestas and Team Vestas Wind are capable of accomplishing.”

Keep up-to-date with the latest progress on our boat and crew via our website and social media channels.


  1. Sillstryparn Jan 5, 2015 Reply

    Fantastiskt om man lyckas: båten var ju i princip ett vrak eller “möjligheternas båt” som det skulle låta i en annons.

  2. Erik Barkefors Jan 5, 2015 Reply

    Funderar på om det är så att man får “laga” båten men inte byta ut båten? Det skulle kunna vara förklaringen till varför de var så angelägna (förutom miljöskäl…) att hämta vraket.

  3. Martin Jan 6, 2015 Reply

    Är väl så att det är ganska mycket pengar i all utrustning på däck samt riggen. Dessutom tar det tid att ta fram, det liigger ju inte kolfibervinchar och skräpar på hyllorna i båttillbehörsaffarer precis, och tid är väl det minsta Vestas har nu.

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