Getting a SRS certificate with ORC data

As were getting more and more international boats to GVA Marstrand Big Boat race, I’ve tried to write a short guide on how to get a SRS certificate if you already have the correct measurements from ORC or a similar system.

1. Get a quick intro.

General info in english.
Class rules in english.

If you racing one-design or have a standard boat, you might find it here.
If it comply with the data, there’s no need to get a separate certificate.

2. Apply for a certificate

Start with this form. Either apply for a new one or renew/change an existing certificate.

3. Fill in the basic stuff

If you don’t get it, try Google Translate.

4. Get the numbers right

If you have your ORC measurements within reach, it will take
5 minutes to get those numbers into the the form. See below.

5. Submit & payment

No need to pay. The certificate is free for non-swedish boats.
How great is that?

It will take exatly 10 days to get a valid certificate. Then you’ll find it here.

6. Problems?

Drop an email to Göran Olsson,
or give him a call on +46-8-459 09 95 (Mon-Thur 9-10).

SRS ORC Comment
Längd (SKL) Length Overall Hull length not including pulpits, stern hung rudders, fixed bowsprits etc.
Bredd (B) Maximum Beam  
Djupgående (D) Draft  
Deplacement (DEPL) Displacement  
Kölvikt Keel weight from the the manufacturers or designers specification.
Förtriangelbas J  
Spinnakerbomslängd SPL  
P P  
E E  
Genn halshornsavst. TPS – J Bowsprit length from the forward end of J.
Storsegel 1/2BR MGM  
Storsegel 3/4BR MGU  
Storsegel 7/8BR MGT  
Försegel   It is sufficient to give measurements for the largest headsail and the number of headsails onboard excluding storm and heavy weather jibs complying with the ISAF offshore special regs.
1/2BR JGM  
Undanvindssegel Asymmetric* Symmetric*

Gennaker = Asymmetric sail set flying tacked on hull or bowsprit including various code sails.
Spinnaker = Symmetric or asymmetric sail tacked on spinnaker pole.

N.B. If the same sail can be used as either gennaker or spinnaker its use shall be given as “Spinnaker och Gennaker”
There is no limitation on the midgirth/foot ratio but it affects the rating therefore measurements, type and material shall be given individually for all downwind sails onboard.


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