Sweet… ClubSwan 50

Det här hade vi kanske inte väntat oss från vännerna på Nautor: ClubSwan 50.

Jag gillar både ClubSwan 42 och Swan 45, men det här är ju något utöver det vanliga. Tydligen har åtta olika desigteam pitchat på designen, och Juan Ks förslag var ett av de två i final. Formarna är på gång just nu och #1 borde segla i juni.

Sätt upp mig på listan för provsegling!


Nautor’s Swan is proud to unveil the ClubSwan 50, the lastest and most innovative addition to its successful SwanLine, now encompassing yachts from 50 to 115 feet.

Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, the ClubSwan 50 is a high-tech, aesthetically captivating one-design yacht, and represents an important milestone for Nautor’s Swan.

Leonardo Ferragamo, Chairman of Nautor’s Swan, commented: “We held a contest among the best designers in the world to create an innovative design that would include new technologies and materials, be stylish and iconic, high performing but easy to sail. The result is the ClubSwan 50, a stunning yacht that will appeal to the young and competitive, while still allowing the pleasure of cruising in the true spirit of Swan.”

“It is an honor for me to design a boat for Swan. The tradition, craftsmanship and sailing ability of Swan boats is second to none and they have been a reference for me since I was young and dreaming of designing sail boats. This boat represents a balanced compilation of everything we have learned from the past. From performance, seaworthiness and the capacity to sail easily with a reduced number of crew. It is a tremendous challenge that Swan has presented us which I believe we have together managed to accomplish,” said Juan Kouyoumidjian, designer of the ClubSwan 50.

While representing a new trend is sailing, the ClubSwan 50 reflects Nautor’s Swan strong brand heritage, based on unmatched build tradition, quality, luxury and excellence in customer care. The ClubSwan 50 project team includes iconic and highly respected names such as North Sails and Poltrona Frau.

With the ClubSwan 50, Nautor’s Swan officially begins the celebrations for its 50th anniversary. It was 1966 when Nautor’s Swan began building cruiser-racers which dominated the inshore and offshore racing scene, having progressed to larger yachts up to 131 feet leading the luxury composite sailing yacht market: fifty years of tradition in building fast and safe yachts of unparalleled quality.

Nautor’s Swan has valuable and unmatched experience in designing and managing one-design fleets, having launched the Swan 45 fifteen years ago, followed by the successful Club Swan 42, Swan 601 and Swan 60.

The ClubSwan 50 will be a professionally managed owner-driver class, with a global racing circuit. The events will run across three continents (Europe, North America & Asia) and four fleets, coupled with exclusive social events. The pinnacle of the circuit will be the Nations Cup, where owners will compete to represent their country.

For more information on the ClubSwan 50, please visit www.clubswan50.com



Preliminary specifications

Length over all (incl. bowsprit and boom): 16.74 m
Hull Construction Length: 15.24 m
Length of waterline: 14.00 m
Beam max: 4.20 m
Draft Empty: 3.20 m
Optional Draft: 2.20 m
Displacement (light): 8500 kg
Displacement (sailing): 9300 kg

Sail Area Upwind: 142 m2
Sail Area Downwind: 296 m2

Mast Standard Modulus Carbon: Fractional, 3 sets of Spreaders
Fuel Capacity: 300 l
Fresh Water Capacity: 500 l
Black Water Tank: 80 l
Diesel Propulsion Sail Drive: 56 kW
Cabins: 2 + Saloon
Berths: 4 + 2 in Saloon + 2 Pullman
Heads/Showers: 1 + 1
CE Category: A

Design: Juan Kouyoumdjian
Engineering: J & J









  1. Pelle Pedersen Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Hoppla!! Man kan inte anklaga Nautor för att vara “allt för traditionella”!!!!
    Blur 5?

  2. Pelle Fälth Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Najs! Kan man få den som 36-fotare också?

  3. Hannu Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Tycker den ser precis ut som “Blur 4” :-)

    • Pelle Pedersen Oct 1, 2015 Reply


      • Hannu Oct 1, 2015 Reply

        Fasen, börjar bli så många båtar i er flotta så det är svårt att håla reda på dom, Blur 5 som du skrev ovan såg jag :-)

  4. Fredrik Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Dagens köpare vet verkligen vad de får före man ens börjat bygga… otroligt fina “renderingar”!

  5. Stefan Aaröe Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Snyggt montage på sista bilden. Känns verkligen som att de sitter där. :D

    • Author
      Peter Gustafsson Oct 1, 2015 Reply

      Haha… allt material hade väl inte riktigt Swan-känsla :-)

    • F424 Oct 1, 2015 Reply

      ..fast på en 35-fotare typ?

  6. Andreas Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Var en oväntad nyhet. Betydligt roligare än förväntat.
    Lite fundering när jag läste specen.
    Mast Standard Modulus Carbon? Varför inte high?
    Den borde inte vara priskänslig,utan är det pga mätregler?
    MVH Andreas

  7. Johan R Oct 1, 2015 Reply

    Vågar någon gissa priset på denna 50 fotare, klarar man sig under 15 millar?

  8. Fredrik Alexandersson Oct 2, 2015 Reply

    Stämmer Peter och till det får du lägga 15 – 20% för utrustning utöver baspaketet!

  9. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Mar 22, 2016 Reply

    Bra exempel på hur man bygger en klass på ett modernt sätt. Presentation från idag:


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