Fast 40 Ran | build phase 1

Nya Ran på gång från Carkeek Design Partners & Carrington Boats. Man förstår att det här inte blir så mycket billigare än en TP52 :-)


  1. FAST40+ Media Feb 12, 2018 Reply

    FAST 40+ CLASS Just in from Tim Powell … We are building a new Carkeek Fast 40 at Carrington Yachts in Hythe. Hopefully we will be launching just in time for the RORC Easter challenge.

    Any team members that you would like to mention?
    We have worked with the BKA to try and bring in some young sailors. With the likes of some Rán regulars, Steve Hayles and Adrian Stead, we can use their experience to help bring along this new group.

    What are your goals for the season? This might include certain events or be a comment on the ethos of your team.
    We obviously want to be competitive but on top of that it is to help bring in a new group of young sailors. It’s very difficult for young sailors to get a foothold in high level racing and the Fast 40’s offer superb cutting edge race boats, a good pro/am mixture of crew and interesting racing from W/L’s to coastal type courses.

    Anything else you would like to mention?
    Rán is very excited to be joining the Fast 40 fleet in the Solent. We have been watching from the sidelines and recognise the boats as being a lot of fun with a good variety of racing to keep it interesting.

    • Author
      Peter Gustafsson Feb 12, 2018 Reply

      Well done!

      Cool to have two Swedish owners, Elvis and Rán, getting into the FAST 40+ class.

      I really hope to be able to get down to the Solent this summer to cover some of the racing.

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