More info on Hurrycane?

I’m sure many of my readers either sailed on, or have info on, this Peter Norlin yacht?

I’m not sure which one it is, since this Swedish yacht is also called Hurricane.

I found the boat in April last year in

It was a very short add with subject “Norlin 40”, and the guy who owned it didn’t know much about its history. After quick search online, it became obvious that the boat was not one of the Norlin production boats, but most likely custom made one- (or two-?) ton boat from early 80s with flush deck and in pretty bad condition – something I was searching for last couple of years.

A week (and two visits) later I bought Hurrycane in Mandal, almost 500nm south from Ålesund where I wanted to have it next couple of years. Short summary of condition was: seized winches, engine with cracked block, rotten plywood in cockpit with huge leak, rig that has not been sailed for several years and unknown condition of the hull. As my plan was to make it ready for sailing up to Ålesund that summer, and I only had weekends and 2 weeks just before the sail, I needed to pick my battles and do “the musts” to make it safe for voyage. During these days plenty of things were sorted out: engine was sealed, running rigging was checked out and redone, lines washed and rearranged, winches serviced, chainplates reinforced, some of the leaks sorted out and Hurrycane finally tested and sailed.

We sailed Hurrycane in three from Mandal to Alesund in July and spend 12 days on the sea (including longer stop in Bergen for refreshment and sail repair J). Hurrycane is now out of the water, and I have started a more detailed repair.

I’ve spent a lot of time digging through any kind of info I could find about Hurrycane, but beside information that it was part of Admirals cup in 1981, Sardinia cup in 1982, and One ton cup in 1985, I was not able to find any more racing info. If somebody has more technical and/or racing info/documentation and is willing to send to me, I would really be grateful! (or even offer a sail if I ever find myself with Hurrycane in the area where that person lives J)




  1. Sillstryparn Jun 8, 2019 Reply

    Detta är Hurrycane som Ken Bruneflod lät bygga 1982.
    Deltog med viss framgång i Sardinia Cup 1982, liksom systerbåten: Den mer kända Big Foot.
    Hurrycane förekommer frekvent i denna underbara gamla dokumentär från Sardinia Cup 1982:

  2. Martin Dahl Jun 10, 2019 Reply

    En annan Hurrycane – enligt annonsen också Norlin konstruktion. Vi seglade ofta mot denna på Gotland Runt i början på 90-talet. Såg henne i Helsingborg förra helgen och hon ser ut att vara i bra skick för sin ålder:

  3. Tobias Glans Jun 12, 2019 Reply

    Jag har ägt Hurrycane 2 från 2011-2016, vi kappseglade den aktivt i sthlm, 4st åfor, och sen diverse mindre tävlingar åren 2012-2015 innan hon såldes 2016. Båten uppdaterades aktivt med nya segel och annan utrustning i min ägo.

    Maila mig om du vill ha mer info.

    Med vänlig hälsning, Tobias

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