• Nyfiken på Roger Nilson… igen

    Jag hade ju en kortis med Roger Nilson för ett par år sedan, men som vanligt är det Fredriksson som gör riktigt bra djuplodande intervjuer: Roger Nilson – Segling som drog.

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  • Äntligen fredag…

    And the long version…


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  • High Performance Yachts | ny hemsida

    Som flera av er har observerat så har HP fått ny hemsida, där man också presenterar kommande modeller HP-850 och HP-1230.

    Seilas har skrivit lite mer om HP 850:


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  • Sweet… Farr 400

    farr400_04 .jpg
    Ännu ett försök från Farr att fylla luckan efter Farr 40. Börjar bli många skisser nu… (McConaghy 38, Ker 40, Soto 40 och så vidare). Mina pengar är på Soton då de verkar ha fått moment.

    Byggare är Premier Composite Technologies i Dubai, som ju också bygger Landmark 43.

    Mer info på Farr 400 – är det ett så kul namn, förresten? Låter som en cruiser.

    LOA (m) 11.80
    DWL (m) 11.11 
    BEAM (max) (m) 3.42
    DRAFT (m) 2.90 down/1.98 up
    DISPLACEMENT (kg) 4130
    BALLAST(kg) 2464
    CREW No 8
    IRC TCC 1.230 (trial)

    I 15.60, J 4.45, P 16.15, E 5.80, STL 6.82 
    Sail Area Up m2 102 & Down m2 235



    Premier Composite Technologies to launch new FARR 400

    • Premier Composite Technologies and FARR Yacht Design to launch new FARR 400 in Spring 2011.
    • Design utilises the latest composite materials and infusion techniques to create a high performance, grand prix style one design racing yacht.
    • Design allows for cost effective and easy transportation due to design elements that mean the hull can fit a standard 40ft flat rack container.
    • Pro-sailor Dee Smith on board as Project Consultant.

Premier Composite Technologies, Dubai, Thursday 6th January 2011:Premier Composite Technologies (PCT), the leading global supplier of advanced composite components for the Marine and Architectural markets is collaborating with Farr Yacht Design to design and build a next generation, all carbon, one design 40ft racer. The 40ft, high performance design that has heavily involved pro-sailor Dee Smith as project consultant, will be launched from the PCT headquarters in Dubai in Spring 2011 with early orders to be delivered in late Spring/Summer 2011. The standard package price is from $395,000.
Built by the team of PCT who have proven experience in crafting one design yachts including the FARR 40, FARR (Mumm) 30 and Laser SB3’s, the FARR 400 has been engineered to push the boundaries of modern design and utilise the latest building practices to create an aggressive one design racer that is technically consistent, ensuring absolute equal performance across the whole class.

    • All major geometry is created by precision 5-axis milling ensuring complete accuracy.
    • The hull has been carefully modelled with a powerful fore body to increase dynamic lift reflecting the latest CFD research.
    • A wide stern with a partial chine reduces drag and improves high speed handling.
    • The deck layout is a proven arrangement developed from experience with the GP42 and TP52 fleets.
    • The huge cockpit provides unfettered space for a crew of 8 and a standard pedestal. The pedestal will drive the primary winches allowing for high speed hoists, gybes, and douses (when using the inboard take down system.) The pedestal will also control the high aspect ratio lifting keel (2m/up and 2.9m/down).
    • This keel arrangement provides maximum righting moment while still allowing access to shallow venues. With a ballast ratio of nearly 60% and sail areas to match, the Farr 400 delivers exceptional upwind performance in all conditions with exciting speed downwind and reaching.
    • The Farr 400 is an all carbon/advanced composites construction that will be built using epoxy infusion methods to create the highest standards of quality. The vessel will be built and designed to Category 2 off shore regulations.
    • The growth of Premier Composite Technologies and its competitive buying strength, ensures that the quality and value of the FARR 400 is unique.

    Modern one design fleets require that the FARR 400 can be easily and cost effectively transported to locations around the globe. For this reason, special attention has been paid to both trailer transportation and container shipping. The trailer arrangement has been designed to eliminate the need for expensive trailer permits. With an overall length of 11.8m (with the 2.2m bowsprit retracted) the Farr 400 fits inside a container footprint without any major disassembly. The mast has also been designed to separate into two sections, effectively allowing the entire racing program to fit into a single flat rack container.

“This is going to be a very exciting class with a lot of performance for the cost:  fun to sail with a crew of 8, a lifting keel for harbor access, and easily transportable between regattas.  In Premier Composite Technologies, we have an experienced partner from whom we expect a high quality product”.  Bruce Farr, FARR Yacht Design.

Please go to, www.farr400.com for further information.



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  • Learning a lot about short handed sailing

    Det har ju gått trögt för Hugo Boss i Barcelona World Race. Framför allt för att man har en båt som är optimerad för undanvindsåka på sydliga breddgrader, men i Medelhavet så har det varit väldigt lätt vind. Wouter Verbraak klev ju in som (tillfällig) ersättare när Alex Thomson skulle operera bort blindtarmen, och det är lite kul att läsa hans lärdomar så långt.

    Needless to say, with the light winds it has been a rather challenging start of the race for our team on the Hugo Boss. Never the less, we made some good moves and that is very satisfying.
    As they say: “It is real character building stuff out here” And certainly with the light winds we have time to reflect on it all. Inevitable the conversation comes back to what we are learning for the remainder of the race. Both Andy and myself have an extensive background in crewed ocean racing, but we are new to the double handed thing. Here are some observations:

    1. When the fleet is leaving you behind, it is all down to helping each other out mentally to get over it, and move on. Like on crewed races, keeping a positive atmosphere is key. The difference is that in a crew of ten , there is always someone with a joke or cheerful  anecdote. Here it is all down to yourself and you co-skipper to sort it out. I can say we have been very good at it so far! The mood is positive and pro-active. We are going to get these guys!
    2. The auto pilot is the most important item on the boat. Not being able to use it means you are hand steering for all of your watch, you can`t look after all the routine checks and systems, and most important you get exhausted and lose focus to make good decisions. The extremely light winds are a real challenge for the pilots, and basically we had to hand steer for two days straight. Not good!
    3. Think efficiency with everything you do. Pulling a Code Zero 200 m2 upwind headsail in with four guys on the grinders is a good work out. Reduce the muscle power with two, and you certainly have your tongue on youyr knees after a tack! So: we are finding little tricks everywhere to reduce friction in the rope systems, pull the furling line instead of the sheet when unfurling, etc etc etc. It is a never ending game!
    4. Look after each other  well; three meals a day, and as much sleep as you can manage to squeeze in will keep you fit and focused. A cup of coffee for the other guy when he wakes up is magical!
    5. Deal with things straight away; messy cockpit with ropes everywhere? Not a problem now, and certainly making a cup of tea is much more appealing, but postpone it, and the next manoeuvre is a mess….

    The list is long, and growing with every mile we sail. Best thing is we are challenging ourselves in completely new ways and growing stronger all the time. Soon we will be out in the Atlantic, and our race horse can truly stretch her legs. Until then, we are racing are hearts out. Tripple checking our systems so we are 100% ocean ready, and are keeping the spirits up with our Spanish ham and cheese, mayonnaise and Tabasco wraps.
    Good news form our shore team as well today, as Alex is recovering well, and will most certainly join the boat on one of the islands in the Atlantic ocean. Keeping fingers crossed and wishing him all the best. We are looking after his baby well!
    Have great day!

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  • 29er World Championships 2011

    29er World Championships 2011
    Just nu är det VM i 29er i Mar del Plata. Verkar vara tuffa förhållanden, så även om det ser kanonbra ut på bilden för SWE 845 Johanna Sommarlund & Henrik Grim, så har de tyvärr 6 st DNC att dras med.

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  • Optimist VM går sådär

    Det seglas Optimist-VM i Malaysia, och de verkar ha bättre tracking än våra högprofilerade race här hemma.

    Men för oss som är uppfödda med massor av världsmästare i den här klassen så undrar man ju lite varför bästa svensk(a) ligger på 116 plats? Det går marginellt bättre för våra grannkländer med Finland (59), Danmark (61) och Norge (89).

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  • DesTopNews 2011-1

    • From Hobart in Australia, Wild Oats 11 won the Sydney Hobart.
    • The Golden Gate Yacht Club announced San Francisco for the 34th America’s Cup
    • From Barcelona in Spain, the Barcelona World Race

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