Offshore i Novan

Quadrophenia i trevligare förhållanden tidigare i somras. Foto: Chay Webb (fler bilder här).

Det har ju varit en del gnäll på att det blåser för lite i Sverige. Clive Lawrence seglar Nova 241 “Quadrophenia” på Engelska sydkusten, närmare bestämt i Poole. Här kappseglar man till Weymouth, Guernsey, Alderney, Cherbourg eller Cowes, ganska ofta “two-handed”. Inte så mycket inomskärs :-)

En kort uppdatering från helgens race:

“Just thought I would let you know, we raced to Weymouth and back this week-end with big winds going and forty knots+ with big SSW seas on the return trip. Surfing down the waves we noticed 14 knots, later checked the GPS had shown max speed of 15.9 knots – we were flying.

We had 3 reefs and the smallest jib very high cut. Many came out but returned to Weymouth, some went under motor. An Albin Ballad came out but returned to put up storm jib. A pleasant day was had by all (what a boat)!”