Another :-(

Victoria 5 (V5) är en 1:a generationens TP52 designad av Alan Andrews. 2003 konverterade man båten till en “canter” för att köra race på NZ. Under ett sådant seglade man tydligen på nånting så att kölinfästningen lossnade. Man fick assistans från medtävlarna på Wired och kunde baxa in båten i nån liten håla. Alla välbehållna…

Nine rescued from yacht off Northland coast

Förstahandsrapport (från Sailing Anarchy):

“In the bar getting drunk – all well and celebrating well before the rest of the fleet hit Wellwood. More people should stop off at the the Oponini in the Hokianga, it’s a highly under rated stopover on the way down the west coast.

Just before 2am under the ‘B’ watch, two massive cracks were followed by a thud which was my bunk collapsing on the port side. All hands on deck, life rafts, life jackets on + grab bags ready to go as the damage was assessed. Quickly established that it was bad and that the keel was hanging from the front pin only and that we had no control over it. A PAN PAN was made with no reply from any boats in the race. The sat phone raised the Maritime Radio in Wellington which requested that we send off a parachute flare.

Wired saw the flare and responded immediately, and proceeded to drop sails and spend the next hour motor sailing to our assistance and accompanying us to the entrance to the Hokianga Harbour where we were joined by the Coast Guard. From here Wired re-sched their position and re-joined the race much to our appreciation. The first Coast Guard rib took 6 crew member a shore to make preparations for getting v5 over the Hokianga bar. At 10am the Coast Guard guided v5 over the bar and to the safety of the Opononi wharf. The v5 has since been anchored at a safe anchorage out of Easterly. All crew happily ‘gettin’ on it…”