Rohan Rules

Rohan under veckans VM i Italien. ©2007 Oskar Kihlborg

Killar och tjejer som Rohan Veal visar hur segelsport kan se ut framöver. Mycket duktig seglare (veckans placeringar på VM är 1 1 1 1), och drivande i utvecklingen av den otroligt coola Bladeridern – visst borde Moth vara OS-klass?

Dessutom har han han bra koll på hur man jobbar med media, och han bloggar kontinuerligt. Kolla in han senaste helt otroliga story:

In between races, the cold wind picked up to around 18-20 knots and most were near freezing point. I was still dry so was ok, but then my stay/prodder retainer rope broke with 6 minutes to the start. So I had to tip the boat and setup jury rig with some spare 2mm spectra that I always carry with me for these exact reasons. After 3 minutes in the water, I was near hypothermic, but I managed to fix something that should last the race. With two minutes to go, I dragged myself to the start line to get a reasonable position near the boat end, but my hands could barely grasp the tiller let alone the mainsheet. So the start went and I tacked off to the right to hit the cliffs with more pressure, whilst my legs were going into spasm. Somehow I cleared out from the fleet quite fast but it seemed like I was really only trying to survive in the now very difficult conditions, due to the the cold and building waves. By the time I looked around on the second lap I couldn’t even see second place, so I assumed most had hit the piss (numerous times too by the sounds of it). So for the rest of the race I played it safe and just cruised around to claim the win by around 5 minutes (or maybe lots more – who knows) from Sam Pascoe who sailed the last race with no wand! Amazing stuff.

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