J/125 vann Transpac

Tom Garniers “Reinrag²” vann klassen som vanligt och denna gång även totalen på handikapp. Seglad tid för de 2.225 distansen blev 10 dagar, 11 timmar, 51 minuter, 35 sekunder. Mer info.

Perfekt båt för långdistansracing :-)

Day 10 Update

Oh OOOhhh.. What a night (Oh, what a garden of delight).

If you saw our progress on the standings this morning, you probably can guess we had a good day yesterday. We did. We also had a great night last night. Really words can’t describe, but let me try.

It was what we came for. The moon was out, we were headed straight for Diamondhead and we were surfing down 15 ft seas. About 20 – 25 kt windsand R^2 just dances. The boat starts off at 12 kts, picks up a wave and suddenly you’re doing 15… then you come up on the wave in front, punch in with the spray going both ways and over the deck and you just keep going faster. 17kts? Sure… sometimes 20… feels like you’ve broken the sound barrier and speed no longer matters. After a while a lull comes or you bounce of a wave a little hard so you slow down…. Then you start all over again. You could spend millions to get a ride on a rocket, and not get the experience we had…

Dr. D.