Sweet… Ker 53

Premier Composite Technologies i Dubai bygger inte bara Farr 11s och Landmark 43 utan också Jason Kers senaste.

De två första båtarna levereras våren 2008 till Tyskland och England.

This cruiser racer is an advanced high-tech and visually attractive 16 meter rocket-ship. PCT is building the new Ker53 Cruiser Racer using female moulds for shaping the hull, deck and many interiors in w/p-carbon / foam / carbon-epoxy. The entire boat full of innovative, yet practical details, PCT also takes care of creating the best insulation system for a carbon hull or designing custom made composite deck lashings.

The carbon/epoxy hull and deck forms, together with the race sail package are designed for speed; the interior is designed for cruising in style and comfort. Radical, yes. But also light and practical. Fully equipped with the latest high modulus carbon rig and sail designs, and “state of the art” deck hardware, the KER53 Cruiser Racer is the ultimate no compromise “ready to sail” package. It defines new standards on the IRC circuit.

Marc Tucker och Design Unlimited har gått hela vägen när det gäller interiören. Den kan fås som “classic”, eller som här i en “modern” variant…