Owen Clarke G3 Class 40

Ännu en fräsch Class 40 från Owen Clarke. Lite mer hästkrafter, framförallt på undanvind. Centrala fall/trim i en däckslayout som liknar 60-fotarna. Skall byggas av Osprey Racing Yachts.

3rd Generation Class 40 Design from Owen Clarke Design LLP

“This new ORC Category 1 maximum beam design is aimed at Class 40 owner/drivers who want more horsepower within the Class 40 rule restrictions. To achieve the minimum 4500kg weight all the internal structure where appropriate doubles as the supports and panels for the class mandatory bunks and domestic fit out requirements. A posted fabricated keel fin along with under hull rudders will be the standard appendages. Since the Class 40 rules limit upwind sail area to 115 m2, the reaching and downwind sail areas are only limited by what the yacht is able to carry and the sailors’ ability to handle the sail sizes. With this in mind the rig has been relocated further aft allowing for a significant increase in size of the headsails, spinnakers, code sails and gaining a much higher aspect ratio mainsail. The new rig will be available in either two or three spreader arrangements.”

“Having worked closely on performance comparisons between the existing and new generation design it is clear that the wider beam boats have strengths in certain areas over the existing narrow beam design. However, effectively exploiting this area of the performance envelope will require more than just extra horsepower, careful consideration will need to be given to the performance crossovers for the sail plan and the ballast configurations, here, owners will have the opportunity to work on a one on one basis with the designers and their own selected sail makers exploiting any possible advantage they may be able to gain for a particular race or series.”

“This latest generation of Class 40 racing yacht is a result of three years ongoing development and will represent a significant evolution within one of the most competitive and rapidly expanding offshore racing classes.”