Sweet… Luctor 42

Nu seglar holländska Luctor 42 (Lutra 42).

Jag är osäker på om den mäter in som en GP42 eller är en spin-off. Snabb så det räcker lär den ju vara, men osäkert hur bra den mäter i IRC. Men Oystercatcher XII (som är en liknande konstruktion) vann ju Cork Week, så det kanske inte är helt fel…

12.8 x 3.86 x 2.80 m x 4.600 kg
Main 61.7 m² + jib 45 m² + spin 194 m² = :-)



The latest addition to the Luctor Yachts range has already drawn a lot of attention. Not only because she looks very aggressive, but also because the numbers seem to be right and we believe that the boat should guarantee a lot of fun on the racecourse.

In 2008 the Seawolf Sailing Team will race the first Luctor 42. Among the events they will be contesting are the North Sea Regatta, the British IRC Nationals, the RORC Cowes-La Rochelle Race, Voiles de St Tropez, Tour de Corse and the Rolex Middle Sea Race. This programme should suit the Luctor 42 well, as it is both carefully optimised in terms of handicap performance and well engineered structurally – useful if there is a repeat of the weather experienced during last year’s Middle Sea classic!

Luctor Yachts, in co-operation with the Lutra Design Group, chose from the outset of this project to work closely with the ABS guide for building. Looking at current discussions about recent structural failures, it seems that this approach of using ABS as the minimum or baseline when engineering a modern IRC race yacht is the right way to go. After all, we are not only talking about the performance that is gained out of building a light and stiff structure, but we are also
concerned ultimately with crew safety.

Luctor Yachts and the Lutra Design Group feel it is their obligation to deliver a yacht that can not only sail safely in heavy weather, but can also keep on competing hard without the crew having to back off excessively because of fears about their boat’s reliability.

The composite structure of the Luctor 42 has been engineered by SP Systems in Sydney and the boats are being built by the wellrespected Standfast boatyard in the Netherlands.

As the crossover in design styles for IRC racers drifts down through the size range, Lutra Design are confident that with good construction 42ft is now a length at which a more race-oriented design will be effective on handicap and over a range of course types.

The primary structure of the new Luctor 42 uses a blend of pre-preg E-glass and mostly unidirectional carbon, vacuum-bagged and with the completed hull and deck then post-cured in an oven. Considerable care has been taken in the construction to keep weight out of the ends of this boat to reduce pitching; the hull laminate is carefully tapered out in the bow and stern with all the weight saved put directly back into the keel bulb.

Though the boat is targeted at IRC, upwind and downwind sail areato- displacement ratios are higher than the current norm at this size, tending more towards ratios typical of a generic TP52. Hence there should be plenty of power available from the sailplan in all conditions, plus generous stability from the high righting moment. And with a displacement of just 4,200kg downwind performance should be ‘memorable’.

While the boat will be very stiff in the standard configuration, an even deeper keel is also being prepared for use in longer events with a high upwind quotient such as the Sydney-Hobart Race.

Ondeck the 42 is pure racer, with a large open cockpit and plenty of TP52 influence evident in the layout. The interior is relatively bare beyond the minimum required to meet ORC standards. Basic comforts include a three-burner stove and icebox, plus a head forward of the main bulkhead, but otherwise there are few concessions to ‘luxury’. Base price for this boat is 385,000 euros plus tax, including carbon rig and a full Harken winch and deck gear package.

The first Luctor 42, Seawolf, is scheduled for launch on 15 April after which she will immediately depart for tuning and training off the Dutch coast, before returning to Scheveningen and the start of the North Sea Race. We are looking forward to seeing her splash!

Jort van Sisseren, Luctor Yachts