Qviberg vann i Baltic Sprint Cup

Stefan Qviberg vann cruisingklassen i Baltic Sprint Cup med sin Arcona 400 Summer Wine. Grattis! Och Essex Girl gjorde också bra ifrån sig. Det verkar vara ett kul race som samlade 61 båtar, många riktigt heta (3 x Rogers 46 dominerade stora raceklassen)!

Förresten, verkar inte de där Arconorna vinna överallt? Oavsett om det är LYS, ORCi, IRC eller nåt annat? Mitt i prick av Stefan och en mycket lyckad båt! Och så verkar de ju seglas av ganska duktiga seglare…

International winners in outstanding Baltic Sprint Cup 2008

The show is over – 638 sailors, 61 owners, 6 Patrons, 5 sponsors, 9 team members, almost 80 helpers and 6 harbour and city authorities are happy! Warmest thanks to all who made the Baltic Sprint Cup 2008 such an outstanding success and congratulations to the winners who made their mark on this international offshore regatta.

First overall in the cruising and racing divisions of the Baltic Sprint Cup 2008 are from Sweden and the United Kingdom. The five legs of the fourth edition that led 61 offshore yachts to five Baltic rim countries saw a thrilling finale in the cruising division. On the way from Gdańsk, Poland to Rønne, Denmark, Stefan Qviberg’s Summer Wine beat her German adversaries Chaos Quarante (Thomas Nielsen) and Flying Circus (Wolfgang Uecker). The racing division saw a British double victory with Danebury, skippered by Mike Castania just ahead of RORC Commodore David Aisher’s Yeoman XXXII with best German yacht Christopher Wuttke’s guts ’n glory third overall. Winners and competitors joined forces for a tremendous final prize-giving party – the “final showdown” – superbly hosted by Bank DnB NORD on Friday evening (1 August) on the Danish holiday island of Bornholm.

“It was a fantastic race with close fighting on every one of the 710 nautical miles of the course”, said Stefan Qviberg, who had designed his victorious Arcona 400 “Summer Wine” himself. Winning the final leg secured him the decisive lead of one point ahead of Chaos Quarante, a Dufour 40 who finished only fourth in the last leg of the regatta. In the end, it had been the mostly light breeze that decided the race in the Swedishman’s favour. „The boat is designed for light winds,” explained Qviberg, „but we also survived the strong breeze at the beginning.”

On Friday afternoon, the Swedish team had already cooled some sparkling „summer wine“. “The first cork flew off the bottle as early as 2 p.m.,” said skipper Qviberg, “and we’ll keep on partying until late at night.” He has already planned his entry in the next Baltic Sprint Cup in 2009: “We will probably start with a new 43-foot cruiser-racer”, said the yacht designer, while event organizers SAIL & RACE announced they will publish details of the 2009 Baltic Sprint Cup this autumn.

RACER DIVISION – over both classes
1 Danebury (Mike Castania/Great Britain) 6 points
2 Yeoman XXXII (David Aisher/Great Britain) 12
3 guts ’n glory (Christopher Wuttke/Germany) 21
4 Essex Girl (Hans Hamel/Sweden) 22
5 Scho-ka-kola (Uwe Lebens/Germany) 23
6 Outsider (Tilmar Hansen/Germany) 26

CRUISER DIVISION – over both classes
1 Summer Wine (Stefan Qviberg/Sweden) 7 points
2 Chaos quarante (Thomas Nielsen/Germany) 8
3 Flying Circus (Wolfgang Uecker/Germany)
4 Meltemi (Harald Graf von Saurma-Jeltsch/Germany) 17
5 Conte (Rudolf Schubert/Germany) 22
6 Philomena (Eggert Schuett/Germany) 29

1 Danebury (Mike Castania/Great Britain) 6 points
2 Yeoman XXXII (David Aisher/Great Britain) 12
3 guts ’n glory (Christopher Wuttke/Germany) 21

1 Emil Reiseschwein (Stefan Hummelt/Germany) 10 points
2 Schueddelfrost (Friedrich Boehnert/Germany) 12
3 Inschallah VI (Volker Andreae/Germany) 13

1 Summer Wine (Stefan Qviberg/Sweden) 4 points
2 Meltemi (Harald Graf von Saurma-Jeltsch/Germany) 8
3 Philomena (Eggert Schuett/Germany) 14

1 Chaos quarante (Thomas Nielsen/Germany) 5 points
2 Flying Circus (Wolfgang Uecker/Germany) 6
3 Conte (Rudolf Schubert/Germany) 13

Racer: Danebury/Essex Girl
Cruiser: Conte/Avanti (Norbert Hoessermann/Germany)

Racer: Schueddelfrost
Cruiser: Philomena

BALTIC SPRINT CUP AWARD (Best overall 2007 and 2008 – Racer Division)

SPEED AWARD (Fastest time over all legs)
Calypso (Gerhard Clausen/Germany) 75:48.45 hours