E3 på målrakan

Nu är det bara slutspurten kvar till Singapore. 4 distans mellan Telefonica Blue, Puma, E3 och E4. Här är några dagsfärska ljudklipp. Foto: Gustav Morin/Ericsson 3/Volvo Ocean Race.

Christmas cramps

For the first time this year, I have some Christmas feelings. It was this morning and it was all about excitement. Actually, the feeling is still there.

We, Telefónica Blue, Puma and Ericsson 4, parked up and some even had to anchor to avoid being pushed back by the current. It was almost impossible to predict from where and when the wind was going to come.

We had been in second place for 24 hours and we had no intention to loose it. But, it was hard to do anything about the situation and it was nerve-wracking. That’s where the Christmas feeling comes in place.

I remember when I was a kid and I had been hoping for months that I was going to get something special. The last hours before the ‘present-opening-ceremony’, I had just the same feeling as I had this morning. But, this present could be worth more than any present ever – a podium position.

We never used our anchor and we were the first to get some breeze and start moving. It felt fantastic, even though we knew the game was far from over. The conditions here are just a bit too fluky to take anything for granted.

Telefónica got the wind just after us and together we left Ericsson 4 and Puma behind us. They were still lying still, close to shore. But, as I said, do not trust the winds.

A couple of hours later they had made big gains on us from their inshore route and when we gybed we were equal with them, just a few metres apart.

We were in the lead for quite a long time, but in one gybe Telefónica Blue managed to pass us and unfortunately, Puma slipped in front of us as well after a while. We are currently in third place with Ericsson 4 chasing us closely, just like we are chasing Puma and the Spanish.

It’ s about 65 miles left to finish and still a lot can happen, even though we have a more steady gradient wind now.

But, just as when I was a little boy standing by the Christmas tree crossing my fingers so hard I got cramp, I will not stop wishing until it’s over.

I want a podium position for Christmas.

Gustav Morin – MCM