Geoff Holt | Personal Atlantic

Idag kom Geoff iväg på sin resa över Atlanten. För er som inte har koll så är det killen som är förlamad från bröstet och ner, men ändå seglade runt Storbritanien i en liten trimaran 2007 (boken borde vara med bland julklappstipsen).

Ett bra exempel på att ingenting är omöjligt!

Ett annat är Nick Scandone som vann guld i Scud 18 i Paralympics trots långt gången ALS. Här är en utmärkt artikel ur Sports Illustrated.


Leaving today, 10th December 2009, Geoff Holt embarks on Personal Atlantic, setting sail on a 60ft, purpose-built, wheelchair-accessible catamaran on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.   The 3,000 mile journey will take him up to a month to complete, across some of the most hostile waters in the world.

In completing his Challenge, Geoff Holt will become the first quadriplegic to make the journey, unassisted in every aspect of the sailing.

Having sailed the Atlantic Ocean three times before an accident in 1984 which left Geoff confined to a wheelchair, this will be an emotional voyage for Geoff Holt as he attempts the journey for the first time as a disabled yachtsman.  But his overiding desire in attempting the voyage, is to inspire others to do something positive with their lives.

As Geoff says, “It’s not about being disabled. It’s not about sailing the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about demonstrating that disability need not be a barrier to achieving something positive in your life”

It will be a matter of complex logistics for the shore-based support team and a feat of personal endurance and sailing skills for Geoff.  Although both physically able to navigate and sail the boat competently, Geoff is unable to look after his own physical requirements. He can not get himself out of his wheelchair to sleep, to use the loo or to shower without help. To overcome this, Geoff will be accompanied on the voyage by a professional, medically trained carer to aid him with the physical aspects of his life. The carer will play no part in the sailing of the yacht. 

The stage is set for one of the greatest yachting challenges of our time.