M34 speeding

Det är kul att se mottagandet av Archambaults M34. Groupama verkade ju ha hittat lite edge på Spi Ouest och här har vi Delft Challenge som visar hur man gippar under sin träning inför Tour de France á la Voile. 15-20 knop i 20-25 knops vind. Och när man skall gippa är det full gas tills det står 20 knop på mätaren, sedan en snabb gipp. Enkelt!

Jag har mailat lite med Léon Boerop från teamet:

We have our M34 for two months now and we have been on the water for every weekend. After figuring out the basic handling, we are now busy finding out how to trim and sail the boat. There are no real tuningguides available yet, so we have a tough one on trimming the mast. We don’t really have our groove upwind yet, but we think that with a better mast trim (and of course better sail trim) and more training that will be better.

The design is perfect for offshore downind sailing in big breeze (very similar to new Mini Transat and Volvo Ocean Race designs), but compared to the Farr 30 (the boat we sailed before this one) it is not performing too good upwind. Besides that – similar to the Farr 30 – it’s totally unfit for IRC racing because of its rating, as we found out our first race of the season.

Having the kite up in big breeze was hugely rewarding! The boat knocks off waves like a VO70 and its easy to gain high speeds. Everyone had big smiles, and the journalist from Varen.be (who shot the video) picked a great day to step on board!

Videon är gjord av Luc Geirnaert som jobbar för Belgiska magazinet Varen.