America’s Cup | Liveline
Stan Honey har varit min hjälte länge. Både som navigatör, men framförallt för att han med teknik gör sport ännu roligare att se på. Liveline, som är det system som lägger grafik ovanpå America’s Cup-seglingarna tar det hela till en ny nivå. Här är en bra artikel i SFgate.

Man har dock fått klagomål:

After an America’s Cup World Series Regatta in England in September, one viewer thought the dots were so real that he complained to a local newspaper that the boats were polluting the water by dumping ink over the side.

Nu har man också fått en Emmy-nominering.

A new computer graphics and data technology that allows international television viewers to see America’s Cup racing with a closeness and accuracy never before possible has been recognized with an Emmy nomination.

The backbone of the America’s Cup television broadcasting, the revolutionary LiveLine data and graphics system has been nominated for the George Wensel Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, which recognizes extraordinary technical innovation that enhances the broadcast for viewers.

With the goal of growing the sport of sailing internationally, the organizers of the 34th America’s Cup have made a significant investment in the spectator experience.

“The America’s Cup has always been at the forefront of innovation for technology,” said Jon Miller, President, Programming, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network. “We want to congratulate LiveLine on their Emmy nomination and are excited to able to work with them to provide this kind of cutting edge technology into our upcoming America’s Cup broadcasts.”

Developed exclusively for America’s Cup broadcasts by the America’s Cup Event Authority and Sportvision, LiveLine does what was previously impossible: overlay geo-positioned lines and data streams at 2 cm accuracy on live racecourse video shot from rapidly moving helicopter and water-based platforms. The result? Understandable action for spectators and precise data for race management operations.

Led by Director of Technology Stan Honey and the same team that developed the yellow first-down line widely used in the broadcast of American football and the Race/FX tracking and highlighting system used in NASCAR, this revolutionary graphics system was designed to have a similar effect on the America’s Cup as with car racing and football – connect new audiences to the sport. The LiveLine superimposed graphic elements are used as technical aids for viewers, such as ahead-behind lines that enable audiences to clearly see who is leading the race.

“In an industry which throws the term ‘genius’ about with merry abandonment, Stan Honey is the real article,” said David Hill, Chairman and CEO, Fox Sports Media Group. “I’m absolutely thrilled that once again his genius is being recognized.”

Driven by a GPS system that can track the America’s Cup catamarans to within a two-centimeter accuracy on the race course, event organizers quickly saw the opportunity to leverage the system for on-the-water management of the sport. Telemetering of the course is allowing for rapid movement of marks and controlling course limits, while use of real-time overlap and zone-entry determinations enable umpires to make the most accurate decisions ever possible. One of the greatest results has been that every race held to date has finished on time, something that had previously been impossible in a sport dependent upon wind.

“Stan Honey’s use of graphic technology to make sailing understandable for both the casual fan and the veteran racer is extraordinary, making sailing exciting and more fun to watch,” said America’s Cup Hall of Fame inductee and US Sailing President, Gary Jobson. “I believe this groundbreaking innovation has the power to truly connect new audiences to our sport.”