Ian Williams | Defending World Champion

Fabian Bengtsson, who interviews Martin Strömberg on Groupama every friday, have started a new blog – sailingsweden.se. He’ll cover 
Stena Match Cup Sweden and RC44 Sweden Cup.

Marstrand is well known as a hotspot for sailing on the Swedish west coast but this summer it’s hotter than ever as both the Alpari World Match Racing Tour and the RC44 Championship Tour visit the island in July. 
Stena Match Cup Sweden has become a sailing institution since it started in 1994 and RC44 Sweden Cup returns to Marstrand after last year’s premier.
This blog will serve as a guide to two of the pinnacle events of the Swedish summer. Here you will get the latest news from a perspective you won’t find anywhere else. Get to know the sailors, meet the people behind the scenes and find out why Marstrand is the place this be this July.

First out is an interview with Ian Williams.

What is your long-term goal?

The Americas Cup is still the ultimate goal in the sport and I haven’t given up the chance to win that one day. Until the opportunities for that come along I’m enjoying the World Match Racing Tour.

Is it difficult to gain momentum as a young skipper?

In the World Match Racing Tour it’s hard for everybody to gain momentum because the boats change and each event is very different from the others. In other types of sailing you have the same boats in every regatta and you can get and edge on boat speed and carry that with you. Any edge you have at an event of the World Match Racing Tour you have to rediscover in the next event because lots of things have changed. Some of the new guys haven’t experienced all of the events and consequently they are going to be stepping in to some boats for the first time. That’s going to be a challenge for them.

What do you think of the younger talents on the tour this year?

The new guys are all going to be very hungry and they are able to devote a lot of time to their preparation and they work really hard. I think they might have to struggle to be consistent over the whole year but it’s going to be tough to get results against them at any individual race or regatta.