VX One downhill

Jag tror faktiskt att Sydney är stället man skall bo på?

Yorky took his VX One on an epic journey from Sydney to Pittwater with Josh McKnight on Friday the 2nd of November. The Southerly was gusting to 25 knots or more and the biggest waves were around 10 feet (over 3 metres). They had the ride of their lives with concentration at a premium the whole way. Josh & Yorky sailed about 5 nautical miles out to sea before gybing to come back in to Barrenjoey, 13 nautical miles up the coast. Earlier in the morning they hit 20 knots in Sydney Harbour but the two GPSs packed up after we were hit by a few big waves. I don’t think that there is any doubt that the speed they reached offshore was in the mid twenties. In any case it was one hell of a ride!!

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