Foiling F18 = 32.1 knots

Awesome stuff from Danny and Serch Magazine. Apparently he started the project seven years ago, but with the success of the magazine didn’t have enough time. Now, inspired by the AC72s he went back and finished the foils and went sailing…

The photos from Björlanda says it all. 32.1 knots in a Hobie Tiger!!! 2 degrees Celcius in the air, 3 in the water and 15-20 knots NE and gusty. Not bad for the first attempt. Looks like they broke a lot of things as well. Now he’s back in the container making new foils for his new cat. Can’t wait.

Quotes from Danny:

During the thing, just plain screaming!

This is so extraordinary that until I did see the images after the sailing I couldn’t believe it was true (big screaming on the images when we looked on the camera, so crisp and 200+)

Afterwards, I still haven’t stop screaming :)))) Been few days after the sailing now, looking at the pictures still feels unreal, we need to sail more, it’s so fn cool:)

Quotes from Victor Västernäs, co-pilot.

Det var helt grymt när läskrovet lyfte och vi började flyga, de första gångerna slängdes vi bakåt av accelerationen.

Jag tränade 49er senare samma dag och båten kändes väldigt trög och tråkig.

Inte konstigt att Paul Cayard låter Terry Hutchinson gå, han vill också flyga. Jag unnar verkligen Artemis att få testa på att foila med katamaran!